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At the present time, due to retirement of regular operators, generous vacation plans days a yearand the activation of over a hundred moth-balled ships for the Viet Nam war, there has developed an acute shortage of merchant marine radio officers.

This pemiits the use of a mA field antenna 2n33643 which had superior isolation characteristics at MHz.

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The R-4B RECEIVER is a model of design, using the best combination of transistors and tubes, printed cir- cuits and hand wiring to give maxi- mum performance and minimum maintenance, at the lowest cost. Hqw to put a man down The R F Patch . Current drain from the bias batterv can be further reduced by using the DarHngton circuit shown in Fig. AUOIO rt, “i 5 3. Dstasheet this is done at datasneet distri- bution tiansformer.

Frank’s Transistors 2N

The amount of detuning required depends a great deal upon the rf response curve of the individual receiver. Insulated wire is run around a floor, under the rug. Collins has had one for many years- Inven- tive hams have made their own. I am assuming tliat you have located and marked 2n36643 stakes aU of the buried pipes that cross your property. Send check or money order. The oscillator to be frequency modulated may be of any standard design and the V.

As datasueet alternate, die wire could be folded back on itself three times instead of two to 2m3643 a still shorter antenna. At KC4USV, amateur radio activity is increasing and some facts just received from there might give you a picture of their amateur radio operations. Send them in fellows so we can start our Honor Roll next month.


How to copy behind, etc. Single feed Line 52 ohm SWR a!

Only a few of these on hand. It was a close race with a hazeleyed blond from Tennessee but Miss Massachusetts won in the runoff. With 40 watts on AM phone and 50 watts CW, he had a lot of fun running messages for the personnel at the camp. The onjy difference between the two contests was that in the one at Little America the winner would be selected from the pictures instead of in the flesh.

Replaces VSWR bridges or other antenna test equipment. The watt resistors get pretty warm and these were finally mounted out- board from the main small chassis in order to not affect the electrolytic capacitors. The C embodies the Swan’s well known dedication to craftsmanship, performance and reliability, with a serv- ice policy second to none.

Since most receivers have a better signal-to-noise ratio if somewhat mismatched, a 6 dB pad was connected in series with the coax lead to the receiver front end.

2N3643 Datasheet

If he re- ports your signal at 5 fit 9, tell him he’s do- ing a nice job despite the fact the meter shows only S The real loss is where you want it, above Hertz, those fre- quencies which interfere, but don’t help communications. Modern day telemelTy system patching components are a far cry from the early ham radio approach. All Motorola zener, temperature com- pensated and precision reference diodes, as- semblies, cmrent regulators, reference ampli- fiers, high power transient suppressors, Meg- a-Life, and mil- type units are covered.

About May 30th another news pro- ject was started called, “Operations Baby Face”, Pictures of the new born babies were sent with each edition of the newspaper.

In the living room, her new husband sighed as he turned to page 37 of the Radio Engineers Handbook, There were dark thoughts of murder in his heart. But deep down you know I’ve touched a sensitive area. If you were not successful in this venture, but you lo- cated an underground stream over in the corner of your property, you have not wast- ed your time.


I understood, and no furdier comment was necessary. Indeed, wherever we moved, it went up first. Therefore, be dafasheet to retain the logs or Xerox them before you send them back to the operator.

Those of you who have served as radiomen on board ships m the Navy or Coast Guard are aheady qualified for this endorsement. One by one, our three children arrived. New models, old models, all accessories.

J9 5 El Satire on some of the foibles of ham radio is good see S”9-Manship on xatasheet 56 and can be used to deliver a message. Drive a sand point down into the underground stream and use the water to irrigate your garden. It is quite important to hold the rods horizontal, or in the words of the scientist or m athematician— approximately 90” from the forces of gravity.

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If a person operates at fuH legal power, the antenna relay had better be of the 70 to dagasheet dB isolation type at the frequency of operation.

If the QSL manager is going to do all the work he shouldn’t be obliged to foot the bill as well DX stations realize this and make elaborate preparations to reimburse expenditures. Assembly instructions and schematic for the oscillator board accom- pany the kit so we are simply showing the The only external connections required are to the antenna and key!