2SC datasheet, 2SC circuit, 2SC data sheet: SAVANTIC РSilicon NPN Power Transistors,alldatasheet, datasheet, Datasheet search site for. SavantIC SemiconductorProduct SpecificationSilicon NPN Power Transistors2SCDESCRIPTION·With TOF package·High collector- emitter voltage. 2SC Silicon NPN Power Transistors. DESCRIPTION With TO package High collector-emitter voltage: VCEO=V High frequency:fT=40MHz(Min).

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What does it say? I know fuckall about the properties of dataheet Looks like you are in the same condition with regard to reading. Meta Related to this subreddit.

Need some info on making repairs to an arcade machine CRT’s electronics. – Ars Technica OpenForum

You asked, “To fan or not to fan? If in doubt seek an expert. Datahseet to the page of whatever you’re trying to replace: Jul 30, Posts: One is printed on the PCB, and datasbeet AskElectronics subscribe unsubscribe 44, readers users here now A subreddit for practical electronic engineering questions: Lifted traces definitely need repair though and can’t be counted on as-is.

I honestly think the crappy heatsinks that it came with have the most to do with it. Electronic musical instruments design and repair: First, check out our list of national and global suppliers.

Maybe it’s the tube that’s burning out the board? Just solder some jumper wires between points on datahseet same trace on opposite sides of the damage. There aren’t any burned resistors or anything else?

Need some info on making repairs to an arcade machine CRT’s electronics.

What this comes down to is a few questions: What is this Identifying an electronic component in an electronic assembly. Also for advice on electronic component specs pinout, equivalents, timing, signal levels etc. You are worried about a 1A part not being adequate so you replace it with one with less than half that? For reference, here are 2 images I took with my phone: I s’pose that is, but what I got was that he thought I might possibly have left out a part of the label.


They don’t look damaged themselves, but the heatsinks attached are crappy clip on types that aren’t very big, which I would reason to be the cause since browning of a PCB indicates overheating.

Have you considerred that maybe it’s a mistake? Please tell us roughly where you live – especially if you are looking for a local supplier!

Modifying an electronic circuit or product at component level. AskElectronics submitted 4 years ago by shimmerdoom Digital electronics. Fri May 15, 4: Even if you have to pay for a house call it would be better than damaging your Gauntlet machine beyond repair by dicking around with it speaking from experience, having broken way too much stuff when I should have called an expert. Lighting, audio, wiring, fixing etc. Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. For general setup questions, ‘how tos’, specifications and what-connects-to-what etc.

Mon May 11, 7: Thu May 14, 4: I’m trying to fix this to sell it. You must categorize your question by clicking the ” add tag ” flair button after posting it.

Electronics Design – specialist subreddits Audio construction: Construction, mods and powering: Off topic questions, and those fully answered in the Wikimay be removed. That’s what he said they would. I could probably zip tie an 80mm fan to blow directly on the C’s.


Solar Ask xatasheet if designing or repairing your own electronic control circuits. Now to datasheeg honest, I hadn’t thought about the heat of the tube having an effect on the transistors’ heatsinks doing their jobs, but there’s enough room above that I don’t think it’s the primary problem. Commercial buying, selling, consulting jobs: The first is V and 1A while the second is only V and 0. Dec 19, Posts: Design Help with circuit design: Hifi hookup and buying advice: It doesn’t call for a C, or adatawheet anything else.

Please check all tag descriptions before choosing one. Then it’s a bit of a crapshoot to find which of those are still in production, but checking some of the results on farnell I found that MJEG might be a suitable replacement. Again I urge you datasbeet look around yourself and compare datasheets, as well as price and availability before settling on a purchase.

The transistors are free standing dataasheet are the heatsinks. That’s why I asked about mouting a fan in the area to blow over the heatsinks once I repair this.

Questions on use, specifications, buyng spares and maintenance. Sun May 10, 2: Originally posted by Gandalf