s, probably now worth more by weight than anything else on four legs .. I went on Digikey, armed with a data sheet, and there do. NTE Equvilent NTE MOSFET N-CHANNEL DUAL GATE 20V IDSS= 5- 35MA TO CASE GATE PROTECTED VHF AMP/MIXER NTE Data Sheet. Tube or Röhre ID, Transistor, Wires and VHF shown. Radio tubes are valves.

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Seriously, they made a chip just for that. Circabipolar transistors also had improved noise figure. Unless you want to, that is. OK, maybe germanium diodes are an edge case and the examples above have a radio flavour, but you get the picture.

I use HC parts as level translators with mixed 3v3 and 5v logic parts because there a good cheap option and do dataeheet job well. But in all fairness, datasyeet a dodo of a component.

40673 MOSFET. Datasheet pdf. Equivalent

I think all your points are valid [AussieLauren] and they are perhaps more valid than you expect. Because radios are now becoming all microprocessor and nothing else, does that mean that someone should stop designing mixers using transistors? It completely fails at about 70MHz. The big daddy of dead tree reference was the Thomas Register: Transistors came along, and early shortwave radios were often lousy, the bipolar transistors overloaded too easily.

Extremely useful and they are dirt-cheap. BF, unless my memory fails me. To that end you can find more than one manufacturer of these parts that seem to have an eternal need. Some FM broadcast band tuners used them, so maybe car radios are a source. So you take your 5-year guaranteed availability promise if you even get one, be grateful as hell for it — yes sir, very well sir, thank you sir — and call it a day.

If HC does your job then of course, use it.


They wanted to use what they had, or what they could scrounge. Nobody ever got fired for buying IBM, they say, but perhaps they should be fired for specifying an AD logarithmic amplifier in an amateur radio power meter.


And you can go from e. Notify me of new posts via email. It would be nice to make such a simple choice but in reality there are many times that you have to support 5 Volt systems. The other elephant in the room is that the military does need parts also. Thus an association was formed, when you want a quick logic function then 74HC is the modern one to go for.

In the early sixties, the JFET came along, those were seen as less prone to overload. On the gripping hand, Sometimes I think the FTDI clones dataheet it right; emulate and package as the original, name it as the original, and use modern process inside, invisible to the hobbyist.

People probably specify old components because.

You are commenting using your Facebook account. Circuits in the maker and hobbyist arena have a nasty habit of sticking around, regardless of how good they are. They needed to know what was going on in the circuit, and the general specs of the semiconductors. A bit late but anyway, a mosfet like the can be swapped with two N jfets in cascode configuration just like in these example: What the full-blown rant in the previous paragraphs has been building up to is this: I thought someone kept making germanium, but it may be as much as twenty years since I heard that.

One wanted to be able to buy the exact parts specified, preferably at Radio Shack. Detector diodes have modern replacements, but power germaniums do not, and I have datashete hard!

At the time, there was an upstart on the scene: The specific reason that most of your criticism is not correct is because 40763 are some numbers and parts that are so perfect for their required design purpose that it seems more work or cumbersome to redesign using modern parts.


The Curse Of The Zombie Components That Refuse To Die | Hackaday

Germanium point-contact diodes, for example. This all is much harder these days now that parts counterfeiting is a major issue. But searching for cow brings up an equally useless list! Those were big ones too. All of your bases ARE belong to us. The second gate also made it easy to control the gain datsaheet used as an RF amplifier.

So that may no longer be a source, especially if you want datasheeg. Even inI went through an RCA price list and found one that was cheaper, I guess it was the 4N, something like that.

It worked well, but as you might expect better devices came along, and the was withdrawn some time in the s.

Make a circuit with me. Launched in the mists of time when dinosaurs probably still roamed the earth, this static-sensitive four-pin TO72 found a home in a huge variety of RF amplifiers, oscillators, and mixers.

Yes, a 3v3 family is not a drop-in replacement for a 5v part. Email required Address never made public. Printed catalogs still exist, but the sheer volume of information they contain forces brevity upon their entries and expands the size of the publication to the point at which it becomes an unwieldy work of reference. That line was ambiguous. To provide fail-proof as much as possible! I would say every through-hole part in the world is on the verge of being eliminated.

Then there are the truly weird parts that may not see the light of day again. Hang on, datasyeet is Hackaday.