Talwars’ advocate Tanveer Ahmad Mir after the court verdict. Aarushi case: CBI to study Allahabad High Court verdict, consult experts. The verdict ends a long ordeal of the Noida-based dentist couple who were found guilty by a Ghaziabad CBI court on November 26, and. CBI has received the judgement copy of Aarushi Talwar murder case in which the Allahabad HC mentioned that there are no enough evidence.

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Rajesh heard some noise and went to Hemraj’s room. The verdict ends a nine-year ordeal of the parents who were found guilty by a CBI court of murdering year-old Aarushi. According to the phone records, this SMS was not received by Aarushi’s phone. He also stated that he did not know Rajkumar at all, and that the CBI “trapped” him into saying something wrong when he was semi-conscious. Here is a brief timeline of the case: Rohit Kochhar later testified that when a policeman asked Rajesh for the terrace key, he “went into the house and did not come out for a long time.

October 12, The judgement says that trial judge was unmindful of the basic tenets of law.

Aarushi Talwar murder case: Key evidences that caught attention | India News, The Indian Express

There were no signs of forced entry into the apartment, and the middle grill door had been found latched from the outside in the morning. Nearly three years after the murder, in MarchHemraj’s wife Khumkala, a resident of Nepal, came to India. Thadarai and Mandal followed him. Get real-time alerts and all the news on your phone with the all-new India Today app.

Rajesh started screaming, while Nupur remained silent due to shock, according to her. During a press-conference on 11 JulyArun Kumar judgemeng that the case was still unsolved. Nupur pulled the blanket, and Bharati saw that Aarushi’s throat was slit.

According to the police, Hemraj had told some of his friends about a threat to his life. Sunil Dohre during her post-mortem, and sent to the Gautam Budh Nagar district hospital. Venkatesan 8 October The defence argued that a dentist’s scalpel has a cutting surface of about a centimeter: The blood-soaked clothes of the murderers, the clothes used to allegedly clean the blood from aaruzhi crime scene and the bed sheet allegedly used to drag Hemraj’s body were not found.


The weapon used for slitting the axrushi of the victims was never found. Ritcha Saxena was suspected of tampering with the samples. Rajesh also stated that his friend Ajay Chadda and his wife Nupur had found a golf club in the loft of their residence, when the loft was being cleaned a year after the murders.

Ritcha alleged that Singhal had deliberately taken all her registers away to mark her absent, although she regularly came to the hospital every day.

2008 Noida double murder case

The three threatened to kill him, if he dared leak the family’s private information to the outsiders. Finally, on 12 Octoberthe court acquitted them, calling the evidence against them unsatisfactory and severely criticising the police, CBI and the media for not having investigated the murder properly.

In addition, the police confirmed that the body was not needed for any further examination. This analysis supported the conjecture that the crime scene had been dressed-up after the murders. However, on the night of 15 May, her mobile phone was inactive after 9: On 21 July, Rajesh Talwar asked the court to pass a restraint order against the “unethical and misleading information” being published by the print media outlets. Nalini Singh, the owner of the Nepalese channel on which the song was telecast, had been asked for the details of the songs telecast on her channel on the night of the murders.

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Aarushi murder case: no conclusive evidence against parents, says Allahabad High Court

The book argues that Aarushi’s parents are the victims of a miscarriage of justice. A second set of tests did not find any evidence of deception on their part. Aarushi’s body lay undisturbed on the bed, and the bed sheet was laid out smoothly. The verdict comes as a big relief for the dentist couple who had appealed in the high court against their conviction and life imprisonment awarded by the CBI court in November The sensational media coverage, which included salacious allegations against Aarushi and the suspects, was criticized by many as a trial by media.


He would go on long vacations ; each time, he would replace himself with a distant relative. The formal trial began from 11 May Thadarai and Rajkumar dragged Hemraj to the terrace and killed him.

According to Nupur, Hemraj’s keys would usually be kept on the sideboardbut she aaryshi find them on that morning; so, she threw down her own keys to the maid.

The Talwars’ defence lawyer later claimed that Krishna Thadarai was working in the Noida clinic at that time. S Malini and anaesthetist Dr. He later stated that the police threatened him to sign the confession again while he was in their custody.

This claim was supported by Anita Durrani. The family’s landline phone was kept in the bedroom of Rajesh and Nupur Talwar. BK Mohapatra found it to be a mix of two vaginal samples, one of which was Aarushi’s.

Since the report named Rajesh Talwar as a suspect, the Talwars criticized CBI for making “false and baseless” allegations against them; Nupur lamented that the CBI had condemned them for life. Murder weapons were not recovered. Aarushi Talwar Murder Case: A court will today take a call on the conviction of the Jdugement. Rajesh’s driver Umesh Sharma stated that he had heard Thadarai and Hemraj talking loudly in Nepali in the car. Then the two men dragged Hemraj to the terrace and killed him for being a witness.

One probe too many”. Nupur worked at the Fortis Hospital from 4: