Dicastery: Congregation for the Clergy Topic: Library – Magisterium of the Sovereign Pontiffs – Encyclicals, Language: English Type: Documento. Overview. For nearly two thousand years, popes have communicated to the world primarily through their letters. In the premodern world, the papal chancery. Kindly, fatherly Pope John XXIII issued his first encyclical last week, and it proved to be a fatherly message of warning, hope and encouragement. Ad Petri.

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We think this matter is so serious and important that We intend at some other time to discuss it at greater length. On the contrary, she cares for them as would a loving mother. Acta Leonis 15 They receive rebukes and give blessings in return. Let us love Him as our father and her as our mother, Him as our master and her as His handmaid.

But all cannot do this easily; often their efforts will result in a mixture of truth and error. This page was last edited on 22 Decemberat This is why our Divine Redeemer left His peace with us, gave His peace to us.

But We are conscious of Our sacred duty to do all that We can to defend the rights of Our sons and brethren.


May she seek and obtain from God this harmonious unity, this true, active, and militant peace, on behalf of Our children in Christ and all those who, though separated from Us, cannot help loving truth, unity and peace. But this clearly cannot be the history of a divine ptri authority founded by Jesus Christ, “the way, the truth, and the life. Within the family, the father stands in God’s place.

These last remarks are meant particularly for the young. In short, this is a peace that is ever at war. For from him the whole body being closely joined and knit together through every joint of the system according to the functioning in due measure of each single part derives its increase to the building up of itself in love. Oftentimes, in crowded cities and amid the noise of factories, they must lead a life very different from the one they once knew.

Through that life, those who faithfully obey all the precepts and demands of our Redeemer can enjoy even in this mortal life that happiness which catehdram a foretaste and pledge of heaven’s eternal happiness.

For these reflections of Ours, We have drawn comfort and instruction. A tremendous task is entrusted to these missionaries. We are using cookies to give you the best experience on our website.


The charity which burned in the household at Nazareth should be an inspiration cathedrram every family. Legions of the dead, all fallen in battle, dwell within this earth of ours.

The mother, on the other hand, should form dathedram children firmly ac graciously by the mildness of her manner and by her virtue. They teach religion to boys and girls in parochial schools. And the next step brings rioting mobs, wanton destruction cathfdram property, and sometimes even bloodshed. Permit Us, then, to long for you all “in the heart of Christ Jesus,” 35 and to exhort you all to be mindful of your forefathers who “preached God’s word to you; contemplate the happy issue of the life they lived, and imitate their faith.

Whenever a man has wandered from this path, the Church has never failed to use her maternal authority to call him again and again to the right road.

The harmonious unity which must be sought among peoples and nations also needs ever greater improvement among the various classes of individuals. These heralds of the gospel dedicate and consecrate their lives to God in order that the light of Jesus Christ may enlighten every man catbedram comes into the world, 55 cwthedram the grace of God may enter and support every soul, and that all men may da aroused to a life that is good, honorable, and Christian.

We who have been elevated despite Our unworthiness to the Chair of Peter have often reflected on the things We saw and heard when Our predecessor passed from this life. Thus these new arts, which can work much evil, will be turned to the well-being and benefit of men, and at the same time will supply worthwhile recreation.

They are to work in brotherly cooperation for the common prosperity of human society, not simply for their own particular goals.

These errors turn everything upside down: Together the parents should carefully rear their children, God’s most precious gift, to an upright and religious life. This is why the word of God, “who dwells in light inaccessible,” 2 in His great love took pity on man’s plight, “became flesh and dwelt among us,” 3 that He might “enlighten every man who cometh into the world” 4 and lead him not only to full and perfect truth, but to virtue and eternal happiness. Acta Apostolicae Sedis51 They dwell on earth, but they are citizens of heaven.

It is clear that We are discussing a serious matter, with which our eternal salvation is very intimately connected. We know, of course, that due to various conditions many of these beloved sons of Ours are frequently called upon to undertake the pastoral care of the faithful; and this has redounded to the benefit of the Christian name and Christian virtue.


Ad Petri cathedram – Wikipedia

He must lead and guide the rest by his authority and the example of his good life. Therefore, dearly beloved, be all of one mind and remain true to God your father and your mother the Church.

In this way, what the hierarchy could not do under present circumstances, these Catholic men and women would accomplish in a spirit of generosity. There is never any need, therefore, to turn to proponents of doctrines condemned by the Church; for they only draw men on with false promises and when they obtain control of the state, try boldly and unscrupulously to deprive men of their supreme spiritual goods—the Christian commandments, Christian hope, and Christian faith.

Time and time again, therefore, We have asked that all be granted the lawful freedom to which all, including God’s Church, are entitled. What difference does it make that you have not offended your father, if he punishes offenses against your mother? When we speak of this serious matter Our thoughts can be given a fair hearing and judged impartially by the citizens of every nation.

How can God, who is truth, approve or tolerate the indifference, neglect, and sloth of those who attach no importance to matters on which our eternal salvation depends; who attach no importance to pursuit and attainment of necessary truths, or to the offering of that proper worship which is owed to God alone?

Religion: Ad Petri Cathedram

We are called brothers. As for unity of worship, the Catholic Church has had seven sacraments, neither more nor less, from her beginning right down to the present day. All of these can provide inspiration and incentive for morality and goodness, even Christian virtue.

Enable All Save Settings. Those who adhere to this peace must be ready to renounce their own interests and advantages for the sake of truth and justice, according to the words: But all cathedam come out well if the social teaching of the Catholic Church is applied as it should be to the problem. They are not understood, and yet they are condemned; they are put to death, and yet their life is quickened.