AFI 13-204 V3 PDF


immediately implements changes to AFI , Volume 1, Airfield .. Airfield Operations Standardization and Evaluations and Vol 3, Airfield. Flight Planning Procedures. IAW AFI , Vol 3, AMOPS has the overall responsibility for inputting, amending, canceling and re-filing flight. immediately implements changes to AFI , Volume 2, Airfield Operations See AFI , Vol 3, Airfield Operations Procedures and.

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AFIVol 3, Para Have high interest areas, if identified, been designated by the COS in writing? Does the COS report directly to the commander and manage the mishap prevention program for the commander? Does the unit safety office acting on behalf of the commander ensure that AF Form and AF Form are available to aircrews at base operations facilities, flying squadron operations offices, in trip kits, and in USAF ATC facilities? More Jobs Like This We couldn’t find matching jobs.

AFIVol 3, Para 3. AFIPara 6. Are program management activities, meetings, and areas requiring monitoring or coordination to complete these program requirements being documented and maintained for 48 months?

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ATC Jeopardy

Explosives site plans and licensed facilities. Provide input, guidance and solutions at meetings concerning U.

If sent due to a delay, does the investigator explain the reason for the delay and the expected completion date? Is the MACA program tailored to meet local needs?


Strikes occurring while aircraft are assigned to an expeditionary force will be reported by the expeditionary force flight safety office, when staffed adequately. Topics covered should include unit mishaps, MDS-specific trend analysis, local flying hazards e. An aircraft conducting an instrument, visual, or contact approach has landed or has been instructed to change to advisory frequency.

Is the Host safety office responsible for the base program? Afl the BASH program document coordination with the host authority on reducing wildlife hazards? Send us your aafi pdf, excel, word and we 13-2204 convert it into iAuditor for free.

AFRC Flight Safety Inspection Checklist – SafetyCulture

AFIVol 2, Para 2. The following items are in addition to the other items listed above: Are the key objectives detailed in AFIPara 7. Are privileged reports safeguarded limited access and used only for mishap prevention? Do the Host-Tenant support agreements adequately address safety responsibilities?

The unit experiencing the mishap does not provide funding for SIB participation. Edit Print Download Share. Where AFRC tenant FSO duties are performed to any degree, do tenant units coordinate their flight safety programs with the host to avoid duplication?

Similar Templates View All. Ensure the actual name on the UMD is correct and that the individual is current. Are procedures implemented to 13-2004 all aircrews review Volume V?

Airfield Manager/Liaison (Curacao)

Aircraft at 10, feet and above. When R is active all aircraft. Create your own in affi. Mishap Investigation and Reporting. See AFI for guidance.


If Blue Four News is distributed to appropriate unit personnel, is it controlled as privileged information? Interim Safety Board Training. The BASH program requires complete documentation of local wildlife hazards, effects on missions and possible solutions to include hazards surrounding ranges used by local flying units.

This board convenes quarterly, is chaired by the Wing CV and provides a forum for discussing, updating and tracking various activities associated with support of the flying mission. Is the name and phone number of the responsible person included? Do units in possession of formal mishap reports destroy these reports upon receipt of the MOFE? CACI provides dynamic careers for over 20, employees worldwide. Does the commander minimize assigning full-time safety personnel additional duties not directly associated with duties described in series directives and their supplements?

Powered by Web Scribble Solutions, Inc. You assign a new altitude to a climbing or a descending aircraft, or c. AFIPara 1. Make risk decisions at the appropriate level? Are safety concerns and notifications addressed? Coordinate with airfield support entities, such as civil engineer, safety, maintenance, transportation, command and control, air traffic control, and emergency response agencies, in order to support aircraft operations and correct deficiencies on the airfield.