Start studying AIA C Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. This comparative is based on AIA Document C Additions to C are underlined addition and deletions are stricken deletion. C SP is. C, Standard Form of Agreement Between Architect and Consultant. $ – each. C is a standard form of agreement between the architect .

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To obtain project funding, the company enters into a separate agreement with the owner. Basic services are based on five phases: It allows the owner to tailor the proposal request to address the specific needs of the project.

C assumes and incorporates by reference a preexisting prime agreement between design-builder and architect.

This scope provides a menu of choices of services, including initial existing condition surveys of the building and its systems, evaluation of operating costs, and code compliance reviews. Has an expanded definition of the Standard of Care.

AIA Document C— defines digital data as information, communications, drawings, or designs created or stored for a specific project in digital form.

This document is intended to accomplish the following: Part B naturally follows after selection of the general conditions because insurance and bonding information is dependent upon the type of general conditions chosen. These agreements are written for a stipulated sum, cost of the work with a guaranteed maximum price, and cost of the work without qia guaranteed maximum price, respectively.

It is important to remember that documents G and G are not agreements and are not signed by the participating parties. If the architect finds that the work is substantially complete, the form is prepared for acceptance by the contractor and the owner, and the list of items to be completed or corrected is attached.

These forms are designed for a project where a construction manager is employed as an adviser to the owner, but not as a constructor, and where multiple contractors have separate, direct agreements with the owner. However, to establish the protocols and procedures to govern the development, use xia and exchange of the digital data, in short, to manage your risks when handing over something as important as a BIM model and control its use, you should incorporate E, Building Information Modeling and Digital Data Exhibitand G, Project Building Information Modeling Protocol Form, into your agreements to define the limits of the licensed granted.


AIA Document B— may be used in two ways: C— is coordinated with C— in order to implement the principles of integrated v401 delivery. AIA Document G— breaks the contract sum into portions of the work in accordance with a schedule of values prepared by the contractor as required by the general conditions.

Provisions regarding Loss of Use insurance waiver. Additionally, C allows for the non-owner members to receive profit through incentive compensation and goal achievement compensation. This document serves as an agreement between two parties for the licensed use and transmission of digital data, including instruments of service. Provides guidance and model language for contracts. Miscellaneous Documents D—, Methods of Calculating Areas and Volumes of Buildings This document establishes definitions for methods of calculating the architectural area and volume of buildings.

Services are divided traditionally into basic and additional services. AIA Document G— is divided into three parts: It serves c01 a written record of the exchange of project information and acts as a checklist reminding the sender to tell the recipient what exactly is being sent, how the material is being sent, and why it is being sent.

A requires that the parties utilize building information modeling. It is often used for planning, feasibility studies, post-occupancy studies, and other services that require specialized descriptions. Thus, AIA Document D— is provided to assist users either in modifying those documents, or developing separate supplementary conditions xia to attach to them. It is simply a request to the contractor for information related to a proposed change in the construction contract.

AIA Digital Practice Documents—2013

AIA Document C— provides the terms under which the non-owner members provide services to the SPE to complete the design and construction of the project.

Through a aaia the parties complete for each project, AIA Document E— assigns authorship of each model element by project phase. C— is intended to be a flexible document. If B— is used for residential condominium projects, users should review and consider modifying B— Supplemental Services is the same term for Additional Services.

Modifications to G— are shown as tracked changes revisions—that is, additional material is underlined; deleted material is crossed out.

They aiw forth the rights, responsibilities, and relationships of the owner, contractor, and architect. D—, Methods of Calculating Areas and Volumes of Buildings This document establishes definitions for methods of calculating the architectural area and volume of buildings.


The Digital Practice Documents are: They are only project forms used to document the digital data and BIM protocols once they have been agreed upon. The contractor prepares a list of items to be completed or corrected, and the architect verifies and amends this list. The form also allows the architect to certify an amount different than the amount applied for, with explanation provided by the architect. The parties may be all architects, all engineers, a combination of architects and engineers, or another combination of professionals.

The AIA closely monitored digital practice initiatives, and in it published updated digital practice documents more representative of current practices. At 63 pages, the Guide aiia very comprehensive and explains background, commentary and document instructions.

AIA Kansas City | Nooniversity:The Updates to the AIA Contract Documents

The compensation model is also goal-oriented, and provides incentives for collaboration in design and construction of the project. AIA Document A— is not intended for use in competitive bidding. All information on this page is copyrighted by James B.

Grants a limited non-exclusive license to use the digital data Sets procedures for transmitting the data Places restrictions on the license granted Indemnifies the model author Allows for collection of a licensing fee Use this document when you need to send digital data to someone where there is no existing agreement.

The non-owner parties are compensated on a cost-of-the-work basis. AIA Document A— is for use on a project that is modest in size and brief in duration, and where payment to the contractor is based on a stipulated sum fixed price. The form provides space for the signatures of the owner, architect and contractor, and for a complete description of the change. E defines the extent to which model users may rely on model content, clarifies model ownership, sets forth BIM standards and file formats, and provides the scope of responsibility for model management from the beginning to the end of the project.

B— may be used in two ways: