This identification is as fatally flawed as much of their other work. We bring you messrs Alan Wilson and Baram Blackett and there are. The Holy Kingdom: The Quest for the Real King Arthur Hardcover by Adrian; Wilson, Alan; Blackett, Baram Gilbert (). by Adrian; Wilson, Alan ;. By simple deduction and methodically examining many documents Alan Wilson & Baram Blackett were able to find out the truth about the true Briton’s. Who they.

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By contrast, when Israel killed fou […].

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To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Alan Wilson and Baram Blackett are two unsung British heroes. Here are some facts: Hi, Lars — a quick search reveals Amazon may be your best option. The name Surrey a county in Southeast England he says is a form of the name Syria. Senior government officials said the main reasons for the surge in the amount of toxic smog trapped over New Delhi were unusually cold wilso, including fog, and s […].

Thank you for your kind words, sbagha, they are much appreciated. Thank-you for dropping by, Kian. Ludgate and Luds Cave being just two such examples. This statement is not made lightly: By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use.


In demanding government funding for their project, they wrote: This is considered a forgery from but Wilson quotes evidence showing it to be genuine.

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Getting Ready for I read the holy kingdom and although being very interesting to the extent where I will be visiting St Peters Church for the first time Wilspn grew up in St Peters Close Llanharan about a mile or two away from the site they do have an oddly confrontational and dare Batam say arrogant contrary attitude to everything.


There is certainly more to these lands than we have been lead blackety believe. Other Historical Points raised by Wilson. When I worked at Fleet Street as a youth, there used to be a statue of King Llud and his sons situated at Ludgate Circus as a memorial to King Blacktet who was one of the principle founders of Londinium….

These are three different people. The Laws, thus systematized, are eminently distinguished for their clearness, brevity, justice, and humanity.

Their speciality was to kidnap British soldiers, hold them as hostage, never let them go but rather kill them. In American politics jargon, this means the Democratic senator is most definitely running for president.

The man who has nothing left to lose is a force to be reckoned with. A movement of individual consciousness, arising without rulers, potentates and without any more the satanic psychopathy of usurious MON-EYED enslavement. Here are some facts:. Welsh Legend speaks of a wooden box guarded by two man-eating crows bkackett Wilson equate to the cherubim on top of the ark.

Alan Wilson – Hebrew Nations

With this point proved the rest of their argument falls to bits. Rabin had been in command of Hagana forces who in fired at the Altalena ship and killed members of the Irgun. From fabricated stories of interment camps with “1 million” Uyghir Muslims being detained in them to a more recent New York Times article claiming to have “secret plans” revealing the military dimension of its One Belt, One Road initiative OBORthe bar […].


Even more bizarrely, there is no photographic or video evidence of the men making the discovery so we have no evidence to blaxkett their story.

The True Origins of Christianity. This reminded us of some rather cursory research we once did on the subject of the Phaeacians who are also mentioned in the Odyssey.

As to getting in touch with Alan Wilson and Barram Blackett, perhaps some one who sees this post can assist barxm, as things stand, RM has no contact with them.

In demanding government funding for their project, they wrote:. Christ, Moses, Krishna, Buddha etc.

In the light of alaan catyclism ofwho is to say that the tales of dragons of yesteryear do not represent many things? A message of hope, particularly in these times, is always appreciated.

They also point to faults in the conventional academic approach and encourage original lines of inquiry.


The Jewish MPs would not want to do it. In the second Matrix movie, ReloadedWilxon delivers a powerful piece of rhetoric to his fellow warriors: I stand here, before you now, truthfully unafraid. And his remembrance lies also in the memory of all those fellow Luddites who resisted the oppression two hundred years ago. British Hebrews and the West Duration: Allen Bradshaw, a pathologist from Abbotsford, B.

That is the marvellous remembrance one would do well to hold on to and, in so doing, release into the material world.