Sven-Bertil Taube in Puppet on a Chain () Puppet on a Chain () Barbara Parkins in Puppet on a .. Alistair Maclean’s Puppet on a Chain See more». Alistair MacLean, the son of a Scots minister, was brought up in the Scottish Highlands. In he joined the Royal Navy. After the war he read English at. From the acclaimed master of action and suspense. The all time Sherman of Interpol’s Narcotics Bureau flies to Amsterdam on the trail of a dope.. .

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Share this Rating Title: The title, ‘Puppet on a Chain’, refers predominately to the poor drug addicts who are hooked on heroin, dancing to it’s effects and are yanked along by the pushers and suppliers. It was later made into a movie. But more generally, it means anticipation of something, and I use it here to mean the ominous reference to something bad which the narrator interrupts the flow of his narration to foreshadow.

He is in agony for several pages while writhing next to the body of a man who has been killed in the same way.

But from then on it was one of the exhilaration rides. As usual, there is the final chase in the end, to get the baddies out of action. Lots of starchy, official language like that.

But triumphs with that special kind of bitter, ashes-in-the-mouth triumph which is hollow and defeated.

The way she said it indicated that she would willingly have gone half-way across a busy street with me and then abandoned me there. This time it was similar, except the story, that I liked then, and that didn’t seem so good now. Views Read Edit View history. The European spy thriller without computers or cell phones. On the other hand, the book has its funny moments – the main character is always letting others take his gun from him mostly because he screws up and he can be endearingly forward about his faults, which include sometimes not being very good at his job.


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Puppet on a Chain by Alistair MacLean

Being largely a police procedural pjppet themed on drugs, I was curious to see if this story would hold up or seem dated. The super hit Bollywood movie Charas literally Narcotics in Hindistarring Dharmendra and Hema Malini was also an adaptation of this story. Ik zou dit boek zeker aanraden aan mensen die van actie houden. Sherman meets Duclos’ girlfriend Astrid Lemay and her drug-addicted brother George.

GP Action Adventure Crime. Alternate Versions Some topless nudity and shots of a puppt bloody face during a hotel fight was cut from the film for an ‘AA’ rating suitable for persons of 14 and over for the UK cinema release though this was restored in video releases and TV showings. All part of a very dated taste.

There is a menace in the pages that can disturb, a beautiful backdrop of Amster There are other Maclean books I prefer but this is a little classic. This book should come equipped with seatbelts. Set in Amsterdam and dealing with the drug trade, Paul ,aclean of Interpol speaks in aljstair voice similar to Agent He was prolific but few of his stories are as good as this. Goofs In the first scene in the film you see the shadow of the camera crew.


The Secret Ways Full Cast and Crew. But then every book has its lows too.

Puppet on a Chain by Alistair MacLean (1969)

Herkenning in een boek vind ik persoonlijk altijd erg leuk. Sep 06, Ralph Carlson rated it really liked it. British Interpol agent Major Paul Sherman bulldozes through Amsterdam in his quest to uncover major drug dealers. A fast fun exciting read – and a good way to spend a three hour flight. The very name conjures up images of some of the most widely read action thrillers of our times. Paul Sherman is a veteran Interpol Narcotics Bureau agent, used to independent action and blunt force tactics.

Rather surprising, when the book starts off with a description of one of them Belinda as being intelligent and loaned by the French secret ppuppet But with flashes of Maclean’s genius.

Three stars or four? So here ob do not have the gadgets of Bond or the ingenuity of Bourne but in Paul Sherman you have a determined investigator who remains credible in all his efforts, in an account that carries a threat and conveys a sense of danger still to a modern day reader.