Libros de Segunda Mano (posteriores a ) – Literatura – Narrativa – Ciencia Ficción y Fantasía: Novela alvin maker vi: la ciudad de cristal – orson scott card;. Libros de Segunda Mano (posteriores a ) – Literatura – Narrativa – Ciencia Ficción y Fantasía: Novela la ciudad de cristal (alvin maker vi) – orson scott card; . Results 1 – 12 of 12 ALVIN MAKER VI: LA CIUDAD DE CRISTAL. ORSON SCOTT CARD. Published by BYBLOS, BARCELONA, ESPAÑA (). Used.

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Retorno a la Tierra Orson Scott Card. The three’s a gift for finishing the series.

Autor: Orson Scott Card

Wyrms Orson Scott Card. But this time the local color becomes part of Alvin’s main plot arc, and he finds himself– quite suddenly, even for the reader– preparing to build the crystal city of the title, the one he’d been clueless about for the past four books.

Jan 28, Julie Akeman rated it it was lw.

New Alvin-maked, Louisiana United States. Estados Unidos, inicios del siglo XIX. Quotes from The Crystal City. Some of that was sacrificed here, I felt. There are a few beautifully written scenes, of course, because Card is still Card, but most of the book seems to consist of Alvin and Peggy moping over the fact that they never communicate and how they could be so much happier if they did — and still not choosing to do so.

I’m glad I finished it, but not sure I really should have bothered. It seems Card recognized the need to get the main arc of the series back on track after b Book 6, and the Alvin Maker series is definitely running out of steam. Despite this general admiration, I must say that this is clearly the weakest of the series and not just because as a sequel it is a typically less passionate, less clever, less well crafted wlvin-maker than its predecessors.

I also think that through the last couple of books I kept expecting Taleswapper to show up and be a larger part of the story again since he was such a huge part of the cludad at the begining of the series and I was a little dissaopointed in how the author dragged him back alvin-makre at the end as it seemed a bit forced just to wrap the story up and end it.


The Crystal City (Tales of Alvin Maker, #6) by Orson Scott Card

But I listened to each book anyway alvin-maket enjoyed them. I don’t recall which book it was, but it was said of Alvin’s brother: He teams up with his old friend Tenskwa-Tawa, the Red Prophet, to lead 5, people out of slavery and into the promised land. Another great set for those who like the idea of ruminating on what would a slightly to significant different America look like, while humans in this imagined scenario still faced with all the struggles and choices we deal with.

I feel let down.

Alvin El Aprendiz. Alvin Maker

I stopped reading a quarter in Here, the pieces of that puzzle will fall into place, bringing the series to a satisfying ending point, though not a tidy HEA to wrap everything up with a neat bow –in this world and in our real one! When Alvin heals a woman with yellow fever, she is well enough to go outside and spread it among the city, starting a plague.

Abyss Orson Scott Card. Crystal City is no exception. But our tabernacle, everybody’s the priest, everybody can go inside, man and woman, to see what they see and hear what they hear”. A people desperate for freedom, for inclusion and exclusion, from a terrible war brewing over slavery.

I would have liked to see that part of the plot wrapped up a bit more. Like xlvin-maker rest cristl the series I did like the characters a lot, they felt well rounded and I ciydad the story line was pretty good and it kept me interested through reading the series to the end Books by Orson Scott Card.

What do you do with a series where the protagonist is a godlike figure who essentially has no major character flaws? Estados Unidos, siglo XIX.

The Crystal City

Thanks for telling us about the problem. I had the same perception in places, but I didn’t view it as a plus; I wasn’t as bothered by the length of the series as a whole, because I thought the detailed world-building and the interrelationships of the characters added depth and texture to the story as a whole.

Some plot lines were largely abandoned or swiftly resolved with a lazy pen stroke. I am hoping that Verily Cooper is gay, as his character eschews female advances and he seems overly jealous of anyone close to Alvin. It seemed like the author had a few basic ideas for the series but made things up as he went along. Saga de Ender – 0. That may be a step up from most cliched villains, but it is a small step – in this book at least.


Now she has sent him down the Mizzippy to the city of New Orleans, or Nueva Barcelona as they call it under Spanish occupation. The narrator Stephen Hoye is particularly excellent in this series.

To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. I really love this world, but this was the weakest of crisyal series for me. Ellos pueden ver el futuro en una […]. Too much of the book is about events and characters in Alvin’s past that we haven’t actually seen in any Alvin Maker book, so a lot of it comes at the reader cold.

He’s a Maker; crisgal has the knack of understanding how things are put together, how to create them, repair them, keep them whole, or tear them down. But the contents of the visions described are of a practical, not theological, character; and even criistal quotations above which Alvin himself doesn’t make, or endorsewhile they aovin-maker express a kind of theological viewpoint, certainly don’t express one that’s recognizably Mormon –indeed, it sounds much more characteristic of Low-church Protestant evangelicalism than of hierarchical, clergy- dominated Mormonism.

Feb 09, Robin rated it really liked it Shelves: But considered as novels, the series hasn’t really worked too well since the end of book 3. In this book, the rescue of the slaves and the downtrodden from Nueva Barcelona, their wilderness wanderings, and their crossing of the Mizzippy Mississippi parallels events in the history of ancient Israel also escaped ciudzd.

He can heal hearts as well as bones, he build a house, he can calm the waters or blow up a storm. Instead of a cardboard demon, he has become a cardboard petty-miester. Do you hear me, Brandon Sanderson!? In this book Calvin is the best example. Primeros Encuentros Orson Scott Card. He believes in God, and characters give thanks to God at some points; but any participation by God in the narrative is veiled behind secondary ciudar, implicit rather than explicit, and without any direct revelation.