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Yummy french stud cant get sufficiently penis

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Mari Garces: Yeah, I was like that when I was younger. .good days.love from Brazil you bitchessss lol

Frisco Kid: So basically she lacks initiative, ideas, taking care of herself. just a big daddy complex. how attractive, not

Anna LenГЎ: That brazilian girl.Pure beaty.

Kochi Rumbi: My ex is Russian. she got pregnant two weeks after we broke up gg

Jebron Lames: I want a scottish accent now

Bizmo Bapron: You know you're dating a Israeli woman when she steals your money and starts wars for the money

Justin Nother: I didn't recognize Portuguese. I'm portuguese.

Sarah Reis: I wish I spoke French but it's so hard

Keely Hardin: The Baltic countries are considered to be Eastern Europe or Scandinavia?

Frosty Dogg: Yes, it is always nice to meet a woman who appreciates directness and punctuality! It certainly saves on time and drama!

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Ana Assuncao: My gf is from Belgium and iam from Holland with Egyptian roots so please iam wating for that.

Biggbals: Where is Japan?

StГ©fane Cruz: I like this format more than the You know you are dating a. This is less about stereotypes of people as it is about stereotypical situations.

Valeria E.: As for me, I don't drink and don't like or play football, but aside from that, me to a tee.

JCplusOA: Meeting a girl at a bar Never a good thing

Luciferarrow: I'm a native french speaker and I didn't even get a single word the girl who was supposed to speak french said

Chris PL: I just love ALL your videos

Rick Williams: Are your sources to confirm all you SAID about COLOMBIAN WOMEN ? YOUR

Nocuerdos: Books ticket to Romania)

Cyber Alien: Where is wonderful Slovak Language :)

Russel Balugo: Something about Norway, please!

Cactaceous: Being too possessive touching, blocking other conversations, asking you questions at almost an obsessive level.

Nomad91910: Well, russians who were born in small towns are sometimes like this, but the Moscow or SPb citizens no way! We cook as much as our beloved, we're patient and don't overdress (overdressing is associated with unintelligence). And if we drink, we do it in bars.

Skylarssy: No Turk drinks a Turkish coffee like that , she isn't a Turk.

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