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The eighteen titles shortlisted for the August Prize have been announced. This year, the prestigious August Prize will be awarded for the twenty-seventh time. The prize of a bronze statuette designed by Mikael Fare and , Swedish kronor is awarded to the winners in three categories: Mary is arrested as, with a clenched fist of joy in her stomach, she is about to tell her boyfriend that she is pregnant.

Love and loyalty force her to refuse easy ways out. Aris Fioretos depicts vividly both the oppression and the solidarity among the imprisoned women. Masja, Carola Hansson, Albert Bonniers förlag With her intimate, affecting portrait of the daughter Masja, Carola Hansson brings her suite of novels on the complicated Tolstoy family to its conclusion. In that unerring way that only fiction can achieve, we are granted access to deep insights into human experience and exposed to the exceptionally unlucky fate of this hardworking woman.

This is a rich, unforgettable novel of almost Russian proportions. But this novel is also a love story, and a tale of violence, unforgivable betrayal and the power of money. With its unconventional structure, the novel allows several different voices to sketch portraits of the main character. Everything is written in a refined, tempered prose in which the shadowy existence of undocumented people and criminals collides with the gilt-edged in a hardened, hectic Stockholm.

Rörelsen, den andra platsen,  John Ajvide Lindqvist, Ordfront In this novel, the boundaries of true and false, real and supernatural are freely repositioned.

Aris fist three First edition identification and notes
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