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The gay test what is your age

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Arago, Fran ç ois The flasks were then connected with a lead pipe, the taps opened, and the readings of the thermometers carefully noted. Nearly ten years older than Gay-Lussac, Humboldt already had an international reputation as an explorer; yet he learned something about precision in scientific research from Gay-Lussac, who in turn had his horizons broadened by his German friend.

He discovered boron, isolated and studied cyanogen, and developed a method for the analysis of organic molecules. One of the points of strength of the memoir was that it took data from a wide variety of reputable sources. He had taken two evacuated flasks, which he opened to collect samples of air when he had attained an altitude of over 6, meters. There was conflicting evidence about the expansive properties of different gases when heated.

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He was the eldest of five children of Antoine Gay, lawyer and procureur royal at St. Léonard, and Leonarde Bourigner. His father, to distinguish himself from others with the surname Gay in the Limoges region, had begun to call himself Gay-Lussac after the family resources near St. The relaxing social and economic arrange of the family was rudely disturbed by the Revolution. In September Straitened, when Gay-Lussac was fourteen, his father was arrested as a suspect. The Abbé Bourdeix, who had been giving the son private lessons, fled the country.

Joseph Louis was sent to a miniature private boarding school in Paris, where his lessons included mathematics and information.

The opening of the Ecole Polytechnique provided a splendid opportunity for an able boy without chance. Gay-Lussac was successful in the competitive entrance appraisal and was admitted on 27 December Graduating on 22 November Further, he followed the exercise of many of the better students by entering the civil engineering infuse with, the Ecole Nationale des Ponts et Chaussées.

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Despite the sacrifices endured away that great establishment, they made surprising contributions to aide out first the hostilities and pen the peace.

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The simple reaction between hydrogen and chlorine, which is often used today as an elementary illustration of the law, was not discovered until and was included only as a footnote when this memoir was printed. Gay-Lussac carried out research on sulfides. Thus, the law governing the thermal expansion of gases, while sometimes called Gay-Lussac's law, has come to be known largely as Charles's law.

He was also the first to recognize that the CN combination was stable and behaved as a radical in the various combinations into which it entered. Although the French term litre was used about , the concept of titration passed into general chemical practice from the method proposed by Gay-Lussac for estimating the purity of silver.

Test you how gay you are and share it with your friends Varied questions makes every round exciting. Gay-Lussac also analyzed the composition of substances isolated from animals and vegetables, measured the solubility of salts as a function of temperature, and developed volumetric methods for chemical analysis. Warren dating

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