A more advanced type of robot than Robot that allows non-blocking calls. The JuniorRobot has a simplified model, in purpose of teaching programming. A HitRobotEvent is sent to onHitRobot() when your robot collides with another.

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This helped it come 1st once in ten rounds. At the robovode of this writing, a Robocode robot is a graphical tank. Once you have downloaded the distribution, which is in a self-contained installation file, you can use the following command to get the package installed on your system assuming you have a Java VM JDK 1.

A robot in Robocode consists of one or more Java classes. The fireBullet version of the call returns a reference to a robocode.

Robocode Documentation – RoboWiki

Next, you will be prompted for a unique initial, which will be used for the name of the package that the robot and potentially its associated Java file will reside in. A modular way to handle the code is to decompose it into separate Java classes and then bundle them into a single package JAR fileusing the packager, to include as part of your robot distribution.

You want to create a coward robot: Area 2 To get the robot into a known state, we turn it so that it faces 0 degrees using turnLeft getHeading. Instead of just turning randomly turn so that your side faces a robot that you scan.

It is adequately decoupled from the rest of the system.


Many methods exist for getting information about the robot. First write the OnScannedRobot method. As nothing seemed to happen with Robocode in more than a year, Flemming N. The method onScanned is called when the radar scan a robot. Admittedly, doing battle with SittingDuck is not too exciting, but you get to see what the DWStraight robot does by default. Whenever the robot moves or turns, the radar is always active, and if it detects any robots within its range, an event is triggered.

The basic Robot class has default handlers for all of these events. Furthermore, when the vehicle is turned, the direction of the gun and radar will also move, unless indicate differently by calling the following methods:. You can either move sideways randomly or only move when you register a change in the other robots energy level because that could mean that they fired at you.

Rock ’em, sock ’em Robocode!

Area 4 Here, in addition to handling the auto-generated ScannedRobot event and firing at the robot that is found directly, we also detect the HitByBullet event and turn degrees going clockwise and counterclockwise, alternately when we get hit. Area 1 We robicode specify any class scope variables in this robot.

To scan all the zone, we rotate the gun at degrees. Also you should have a better way of targeting the enemy. The Guy with The Hat 6, 6 35 For a project that debuted as recently as July 12,Robocode’s climb to fame is nothing short of phenomenal. Note that the robot has a rotating gun, and on top of the gun is a rotating radar. Learning Java programming is more fun than ever with this advanced robot battle simulation engine.


In this article, we will introduce Robocode and start you on your way to conquering the world by building your very first Robocode robot.

For more history, read the Chronicles. In the current implementation, rendering is disabled whenever the Robocode application is minimized, allowing the simulation to proceed at a faster rate.

It houses the main simulation engine and allows you to create, save, and open new or existing battles. Experiment with other robots in the sample collection, and see how DWStraight fares against them. Robocode’s battles take place in a battlefield, where small automated 6-wheeled robots fight it out until only one is left. During installation, Robocode will ask you if you’d like to use this external Java VM for robot compilations. Then we turn right ai turnRight Area 2 The run method is called by the battle manager to start the robot’s life.

Area 1 In this space we can declare class scope variables and set their value. Sooner or later the robot will reach the wall of the map. Robocode will automatically find robot classes within packages placed in its robots directory.