Latest APPSC Junior Lecturers (JL) Posts Notification we quoted this upcoming Appsc JL notification as “Mega JL Notification”. We have updated the APPSC JL Syllabus Pdf for candidate’s reference. Therefore, applicants looking for the Syllabus for the Junior Lecturer Posts can. Why this Super APPSC JL Notification is going to process? In our AP a complete of Govt Younger universities are there in that 2 lakh learners are.

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The task of appsd infrastructure development and opportunities for investments. K v aananda kumar August 8, 7: Ram Bhakti Shakha 4. Sd muzammil June 8, 8: Kumar August 17, 2: Social and economic conditions, Rise and spread of jainism and Bhuddhism. Provisionally selected candidates for the post of Physical Director. A General study of the first transition series. Foreman Notificatioh Final Result. Receive All Updates Via Facebook. Posted by duggirala at 9: Common Helminthic parasites of Man — Taenia solium, Schistosoma sp.

India in the 6 Century B. General characters, structure, Reproduction, pigments, phylogeny, life cycles etc. Candidates do not need to go anywhere. The intermediate carboniumion formation and its participation in organic reactions.

Definition, Characterisation, Chemistry, Ultrasturcture, Composition, replication, Bacteriaphages, transmission of plant viruses, Importance. Cultivation, economic notificatioon, systematic position and morphology of the following plants. Appreciation of 201 popular couplets of Tulsi, Kabir, Rahim, Vrinda etc. Study of Sanskrit Grammar and Kavyas: History of India — emphasis will be on broad general understanding of the subject in its social, economic, cultural and political aspects with a focus on AP Indian National Movement.


Personal Officer Qualified Candidates List. Canal system in porifera, skeleton in porifera, Reproduction in sponges. Concepts of over and under capitalization — Working Capital Management — Management of Inventories — Receivables and cash Economics and Income retention — dividend policy – Financial aspects of expansion, reconstruction and recognition Industrial Organisation: Birth of the Indian National Congress, the national movement from to ; movement from to Basic data analysis Summary Statistics such as mean and variance coefficient of.

Excretory system in Annelida, Coelome formation.

APPSC Junior Lecturers 4200 Posts Recruitment

Functions of bounded variation. Elementary account of nuclear structure natural and artificial radio activity — characterisation of relations — decay chains-half-life-decay constant and average life.

Sir, is net or slet compulsory for junior lecturers exam. Appscc Edu-Guidance is a leading education consultancy services providing exemplary service to students all over India.

Those who aposc in the examination will send for Interview, Documentation and Medical Test. Cytology, Genetics and Evolution: I Certificate Verification List. Technicians Part-6 Final Results.

Andhra Pradesh Junior Lecturer Syllabus | APPSC JL Exam Pattern Download AP JL Previous Papers

Utility analysis and Indifference Curve techniques, Consumer equilibrium, Cost curves and their relationships; equilibrium of a firm under different market structures; pricing of factors of Production.


Respiritation in Mollusca, Torsion and Detorsion, pearl formation and Pearl industry. Colleges Interviewed Candidates Marks. Respiration Glycolysis, pentose phosphate shunt, structure and role of mitochondria, Krebs cycle, Oxidative phosphorylation, Photorespiration, Respiratory quotient, Fermentation, Pasteur effect Factors affecting.

Meristems — Shoot and root apices. School Assistant Hindi 2nd Spell Result.

APPSC JL Notification { Posts* } Junior Lecturers Vacancy Recruitment

Please refer the official website for exact details. Equations of state — critical constants — States of aggregation — liquid states — viscocity — physical properties an chemical constitution — collision theory of derivation of the collision — number from Kinetic theory of gases. Labour in Industrial Society — Man power problems of under-developed countries Economics of the Labour Market — factors affecting supply and demand for labour — Concepts of full employment, unemployment — different types of unemployment — Causes — Effects and remedial measures, labour mobility — Absenteeism and turnover.

Prem Margi Shakha 3.