Abbott Architect c – Chemistry Analyzer Information. Applying basic potentiometric and photometric assays, we evaluated the fully automated random access chemistry analyzer Architect c Clin Lab. ;51() The Abbott Architect c analytical performance and productivity characteristics of a new analyzer applied to general chemistry.

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Architect c –

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Sigma Metric Analysis

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Even with plasma exhibiting CK activities as high as Inquire Here Optical System: Inquire Here Reagent Capacity: Our results demonstrate that intra- and inter-assay imprecision, inaccuracy, lower limit of detection and linear range of the c generally meet actual requirements srchitect laboratory diagnosis; there were only rare exceptions, e.

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Architect c – Abbott – Chemistry Analyzer

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Products are available for international distribution only unless otherwise indicated. Inquire Here Optical Source: Rarely see proficiency results that fail. Inquire Here Reagent System: Inquire Here Sample Size Min: Applying basic potentiometric and photometric assays, we evaluated the fully automated random access chemistry analyzer Architect c, a new member of the Abbott Architect system family, with respect to both its analytical and operational performance and compared it to an established high-throughput chemistry platform, the Abbott Aeroset.


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