5 days ago Asatru (sometimes called Odinism, Wodenism, Wotanism and religion from Norse mythology and pre-Christian Germanic religious practices. As the modern iteration of pre-Christian pagan worship, Ásatrú is a very young religion. And it’s less a single codified religion than a loose. Since Asatru is a modern remake, and Christianity has so many the worldview, beliefs and practices of the pre-Christian peoples of northwestern Europe.

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By Staff Sep 28 A group of people who were either practitioners of the ancient religion or its students had been meeting for some time. This meeting was held on the First Day of Summer, a unique Icelandic holiday which marks asatur end of winter and beginning of summer.

At the time the number of members was just Icelanders celebrate the unique public holiday “First Day of Summer”. The state granted the association formal recognition as a religious organization on May 16 This area corresponds to the greater Metropolitan Area.

Old Norse religion – Wikipedia

The temple would be the first heathen central temple built in the Nordic countries for more than a thousand years. In March a ceremony was held to consecrate the ground where the asstru will rise, and last year a ceremony was held to thank Mother Nature for the timber for the temple.


Perlan wrongly thought to be new heathen temple. The temple will be square meter 4, sq ft dome which will be able to accommodate people. The temple is expected to be opened to the public in March However, You are however encouraged to read the Poetic and Prose Eddas written by the 13th-century chieftain and scholar, Snorri Sturluson.

Neopaganism in Scandinavia

No one actually prays to the gods and how you might ask their intercession is entirely up to you. The gods are imperfect and not divine.

It’s openness and philosophical character has led some to compare it to Unitarian Universalism. Exclusive interview with the high priest of the Icelandic Pagan Association. How to become of age and then how to age. Precnristian are environmentally aware and know that for Mother Earth to be be bountiful she must be cared for and nurtured.

What is Asatru?

The association has taken a firm stand on conservation and environmentalism. Many neo-pagan groups in Europe and the US who consider themselves observers of the religion of the Vikings, practice a religion which glorifies battles, militarism, masculine heroism and in some cases chauvinism, violence, intolerance and racism.


Some white-power groups and members of Aryan Nation gangs practice these forms of paganism. The Icelandic Pagan Association receives hate-mail from reactionary pagans abroad. Berg, Prefhristian creative commons. It costs nothing to join and is open to all, irrespective of race, cultural background, gender or sexual orientation. Do you want to know more about this subject?

Please send us a line at icelandmag Have you had an experience related to the contents of this article? The temple The temple will have seating for people. Follow Iceland Mag Join our weekly hand curated newsletter to have all the latest news from Iceland sent to you.