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Some documents such as specifications and legalese require all paragraphs to be sequentially numbered through the document, and to be able to reference these numbers. This can be achieved by using the DocBook toolchain but numbering the paragraphs with AsciiDoc using a custom config file containing the asciidkc see http: DocBook is a content and structure markup language, therefore AsciiDoc generated DocBook markup is also limited to content and structure.

Layout and formatting definition is specific to the DocBook toolchain. The dblatex toolchain can be configured by setting parameters defined at http: Similarly FOP can be configured by parameters described at http: Declare the font file as resource when you use a2x 1 to compile the EPUB.

The True Type Font mimetype had to be declared explicitly with the –resource. The –resource option allows you to inject any file not just font files into the EPUB output document. The semantics are different:. Inline passthrough macros are processed before any other inline substitutions e. Backtick quoted text is rendered literally i.

Here are some examples that would have to be escaped if asciioc quoting were used see also:. Probably because your document title contains formatting that has generated HTML title markup. AsciiDoc is backend agnostic, the asciidoc command has no knowledge of the syntax or structure of the backend format that it generates.

Output document validation syntactic and structural should be performed separately by external validation tools. For example to show only chapter titles in the TOC of a book document set toc. If you are using a2x you can set the dbpatex in the source file, for example:. If the document is of type article use the value 1 to show only top level section titles in the TOC, use the value 2 for two levels etc.

Alpine Linux packages

DocBook outputs processed by DocBook XSL Stylesheets either manually or via a2x can generate additional separate section and chapter tables of contents using combinations of the TOC parameters.

Here are some examples using combinations of the generate. The docinfodocinfo1 and docinfo2 attributes allow you include document information files containing DocBook XML into the header of the output file. The AsciiDoc reftext attribute has been used to explicitly set the link text to 2nd section for Section Two.

asciidoc-dblatex : Artful () : Ubuntu

In addition to the built-in styles you can define your own. This simplified example for HTML backends defines a table style called red which sets the background cell color to red.

First put the definition ascjidoc a configuration file:. Now you can use the style name to style cells or columns in this example we use an unambiguous shortened abbreviation r:. Both block and inline comment lines are displayed on the output if the showcomments attribute is defined. Qui in magna commodo, est labitur dolorum an. Est ne magna primis An inline comment line.

AsciiDoc source files are human readable plain text files which is what the. All text editors recognize and open files with a. If your outputs are DocBook generated then adding the following inline macro to a custom configuration file will result in auto-incrementing bibliography entry numbers instead of displaying the bibliographic identifiers:.


A line of four or more dashes will be mistaken for the ListingBlock terminator, one way round this problem is to use a LiteralBlock styled as a listing block. You can set them globally in the AsciiDoc.

Here are some examples:. See also the dblatex XSL parameter reference. You could simply omit the document title, but this will result in a blank title element in HTML outputs. If you want the HTML title element to contain the document title then define the notitle attribute this will just suppress displaying the titlefor example:.

The following example expands the image inline macro, but the expansion contains double-quote characters which confuses the ensuing footnoteref macro expansion:. For example, a paragraph is illegal in a bibliography. For example, you want to use References as a normal section name but AsciiDoc is auto-magically generating a DocBook bibliography section. All you need to do is explicitly specify the section template name, for example:. Use an inline or block passthrough macros. Mixing doubled-quoted text with inline literal passthroughs can produce undesired results, for example, all of the following line is interpreted as an inline literal passthrough:.

With the advent of Internet Explorer 8 all major web browsers now support the data URI scheme for embedded images. For example the following command will generate a single article. AsciiDoc has a built-in trace mechanism which is controlled by the trace attribute; there is also the –verbose command-line option.

These features are detailed in Appendix G of the User Guide. This is the response to a question posted on the AsciiDoc discussion list, it illustrates a number of useful techniques.

If you have a number of listings it makes sense to factor the conditional attribute to a normal attribute:. Aaciidoc likely the passthrough encloses another passthrough with a higher precedence.

For example trying to render this pass: If you place two dblates with different syntax hard up against each other then the second list will be nested in the first. There are a number of programs available that generate presentation charts from textual specification, for example Pychart is a library for writing chart scripts in Python.

To execute asciioc script and include the generated chart image in your document add the following lines to the AsciiDoc source:. The generated chart image file barchart. Define an indented paragraph style, for example, by putting this in a custom configuration file:.

Include the custom stylesheet by setting the stylesheet attribute either from the command-line or with an attribute entry in the document header.

Add the following line to the distributed docbook-xsl. If you have included the custom CSS in a separate stylesheet you will need to specify the stylesheet file name along with the default docbook-xsl. If you are using a2x 1 use the –stylesheet option it sets the html. You can set the grid and frame attributes globally in your document header with Attribute Entries or from the command-line using the –attribute option. Most AsciiDoc inline elements can be suppressed by preceding them with a backslash character.

Here are some non-standard escape examples:. A work-around for difficult cases is to side-step the problem using the pass: Two colons or semicolons in a paragraph may be confused with a labeled list entry.

Alternatively you can set azciidoc configuration entries from inside your document, the above examples are equivalent to:. An error was returned when AsciiDoc tried to execute an external filter command.

AsciiDoc Frequently Asked Questions

The most common reason for this is that the filter command could not be found by the command shell. To figure out what the problem is run AsciiDoc with the –verbose option to determine the command that is failing and then try to run the command manually from the command-line.


JavaScript is disabled because LibreOffice does not execute JavaScript, this means that AsciiDoc table of contents and footnotes will not be rendered into ODF if you want the table of contents and footnotes you could manually cut and paste them from a Web browser.

The images imported from an HTML file will be linked, if your document contains images you should convert them to embedded images:.

Apply the The verse paragraph style, the rendered text preserves line boundaries and is useful for lyrics and poems. Yes, just enter the reference in your document. URL inline macro targets addresses cannot contain white space characters. This will ensure that downstream DocBook processing will generate the correct language specific document headings things like table of contents, revision history, figure and table captions, admonition captions. If you are generating DocBook then a more flexible approach is to create a docinfo file containing a DocBook authorgroup element search the User Guide for docinfo for more details.

Omitting the tag name will disable quoting. Alternatively you can set the configuration entries from within your document, the above examples are equivalent to:. For example by setting it using the asciidoc 1 -a command-line option:. The User Guide has some. You could also look at. By default only specialcharacters and callouts are substituted in listing blocks; you can add quotes substitutions by explicitly setting the block subs attribute, for example:.

Internally the include1 macro is translated to the include1 system attribute which means it must be evaluated in a region where attribute substitution is enabled. If quoting were omitted the equals character separating the entry name x from the value y would be escaped. Here are some techniques you can use to control page breaks in HTML outputs produced by the xhtml11 and html5 backends:.

The following example prints the Rats and Mice section on a new page:. You can use the unbreakable option to instruct the browser not to break a block element.

You can apply the unbreakable option globally to all block elements by defining the unbreakable-option attribute in your document header.

Finally, the most powerful technique is to create custom CSS containing paged media properties.

For example this asciidoc 1 command:. By default the xhtml11 and html5 backends auto-position the TOC after the header. You can manually position the TOC by setting the toc-placement attribute value to manual and then inserting the toc:: For example, put this in the document header:. You can set the maximum with for outputs generated by html5xhtml11 and slidy backends by assigning the max-width attribute either from the command-line or with an attribute entry in the document header. Some applications require mixing fonts beyond the set of faces normally provided by default normal, monospace, italic etc.

As AsciiDoc can not provide presentation markup since it is not provided by Docbook this is achieved by marking text which should use a different font with a custom role which can be rendered by the the docbook toolchain. The Docbook toolchains will have to be configured to render the text that you mark with the custom role.