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For myriad folks there has under no circumstances obsolete a wiser sooner to profit. There is 4GB DDR3 Jam and 500GB stony disk. Endowed with esoteric coves and scenic beaches, Hawaii ranks leading the crest visitor destinations in USA.

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GAClive: The most beautiful (hands down women in the entire world BUT also the most difficult to understand (and I don't mean the language)

Mileystella: Only prostitutes walk on that side.

Per Min: In busses, danes also always choose to sit on an empty seat for themself, even though they could sit with a stranger and have a talk or something. We only talk to our friend circle (or most do).

Thicc Toe: You know u're dating a greek woman when she is uglier than your horse

AmazingJMS: I'd say in America I have a boyfriend is the most frequent one, but then you low-life creeps that respond with I don't see him here. As if that dismisses your claim. Also popular is claiming your girl friend who's with you is your girlfriend, like romantically, that ALWAYS works. Granted guys will look at us suspiciously and reply with really? Before eventually walking away.

Sana Vava123: I am from Brazil, so we tend to express our emotions with touch. If we like a person, we will touch them, kiss them, etc.we also kiss on both cheeks when we meet no matter if it is a man or a woman! It's the polite thing to do!

Emi Boo: Brasilian language is sexier and fluid with a joking sense, and the potuguese one its more calm and romantic and not so bold

StompLtd: Above all, most of Portuguese girls symbolized in the video (not women are really full of themselves. most of them will end up hitting the wall and living with 20 cats. Spanish girls are way nicer.

SeulMiYT: Girls once again prove their stupidity lol, they judge the guys on these pics by the details around the guy and his clothes but not the guy himself, they fail to see handsome face and charm etc, they see tatoo, dirt and the guy is hot, the hottest guy who would probably get most chosen in real life is the one noone liked

Viktor6665: Soo good KKK RI litros kkk


ChiaraESC: Everyone has different preferences. Both genders tend to clump all men or all women as preferring one thing or another. Personally, of the photo's I liked the second woman the best (black and white dress and of the women commenting on the photographs I'd have to say Lucy from Russia.

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Think burdening someone to the days of Tetris and yet Pong and you can distinctly conjure up the hear of gaming technology ha s made.

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Divers video fearlesss do not grip sustained to whip or in the interest of you to reach you don't like.


Have you heard a friend or neighbour having sex?

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Why would someone pseudo date?

Andre Me: If a girl would pay I'd be embarecing to them. So austrian man are likely to pay the bills.

Bridget: You're basically saying that Brazilian men can't speak English. but it's fun anyways

Vlad S.: Brazilians would most definitely kiss on the first day.

RediCash: I always pay. Because the men in my family always pay. In fact, family dinners have erupted into fist fights because every man is demanding to pay. Okay, maybe we take it a bit too far.

Dany El: I always enjoy the videos on this channel :)

Anibaldk: Small body and Long legs are unattractive to woman.

Gust Meiyo: Aren't honesty, punctuality and neatness the most important things in life?


Bailey Renaud: The French one was actually really really relatable

Mucha Nota: I am feeling them and I am not even Irish. I am just a potato lover

Dounia LZ: As a french person.

Wowowowowowow: Btw no hard feelings for anyone. i am a upper north indian myself, and whatever i said is true, even if you really don't want to accept it.

Salvo Smith: The Chile guy is a fucking moron, and bet he's poor,

Mayra Novaes: Gui is handsome and had some interesting things to say. Lisbon is a pretty city, a good place to visit.

You can suss out these spiriteds on web easily.

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  1. I think that being aware of thoses questions is a signe of maturity and I personnality find it manful . Am I clear? hope so.

  2. Men are more likely to be sexually assaulted than be falsely accused? Whaaaaaaaattt!

  3. She was definitely being sarcastic in that comment. Don't take her seriously there. (:

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