: Psicosintesis/ Psycosynthesis: Ser Transpersonal (Conciencia Global) (Spanish Edition) () by Roberto Assagioli and a great. Assagioli, Roberto. Published by GAIA. ISBN / ISBN Price: US$ Convert Currency. Shipping: US$ Psicosintesis: Ser Transpersonal: El Nacimiento de Nuestro Ser Real (Spanish) Paperback – Jul 1 by Roberto Assagioli (Author). Be the first to review this .

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He compared psychosynthesis to the prevailing thinking of the day, contrasting psychosynthesis for example with existential psychology psicosintesi, but unlike the latter considered loneliness not to be “either ultimate or essential”.

Assagioli was not the first to use the term “psychosynthesis”.

Psicosintesis: Ser Transpersonal : El Nacimiento de Nuestro Ser Real

But “I” is dynamic as well as receptive: In Psychosomatic Medicine and Bio-psychosynthesisAssagioli states that the principal aims and tasks of psychosynthesis are:. Recently, two psychosynthesis techniques were shown to help student sojourners in their acculturation process. Psychosynthesis in Evolutionary Context by Jean Hardy, p. Assagioli termed ‘the sphere of aesthetic experience, creative inspiration, and higher states of consciousness To help identify blocks and enable the exploration of the unconscious’.

The psycho-synthesis is thus achieved in analytic treatment without our intervention, automatically and inevitably. Its weakness is that it accepts too much. The middle unconscious is a sector of assagiolu person whose psivosintesis, although unconscious, nevertheless support assagooli conscious functioning in an ongoing way thus it is illustrated as most immediate to “I”.

The first stage could be described as ‘having no will ‘ “, [29] and might perhaps be linked with the hegemony of the lower unconscious. In his major book, Psychosynthesis: Kerr, A Dangerous Method pp.

These two models are 1 a diagram and description of the human person, and the other 2 a stage theory of the process of psychosynthesis see below. This “noself” view psicosintess “I” can be seen in Assagioli’s discussion of “I” as a reflection of Self: As long as this range of experience remains unconscious — in what Desoille termed ‘”repression of the sublime”‘ [21] — the person will have a limited ability to be empathic with self or other in the more sublime aspects of human life.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. A more technical danger is that premature concern with the transpersonal may hamper dealing with personal psychosynthesis: This scheme can be called the “stages of psychosynthesis”, and is presented here. Contact with the higher unconscious can be seen in those moments, termed peak experiences by Maslow, which are often difficult to put into words, experiences in which one senses deeper meaning in life, a profound serenity and peace, a universality within the particulars of existence, or perhaps a unity between oneself and the cosmos.


It is the aswagioli to form patterns of skills, behaviors, feelings, attitudes, and abilities that can function without conscious attention, thereby forming the infrastructure of one’s conscious life. The concept of Self points towards a source of wisdom and guidance within the person, a source which can operate quite beyond the control of the conscious personality. Assagioli envisioned an approach to the human being which could address both the process of personal growth—of personality integration and self-actualization—as well as transpersonal development—that dimension glimpsed for example in peak experiences Maslow of inspired creativity, spiritual insight, and unitive states of consciousness.

Subpersonalities based in the personal unconscious form a central strand in psicosintwsis thinking. It is important to note that although the linear progression of the following stages does make logical sense, these stages may not in fact be experienced in this sequence; they are not a ladder up which one climbs, but aspects of a single process.

Van Nostrand Company, Inc. Since “I” is distinct from any and all contents and structures of experience, “I” can be thought of as not a “self” at all but as “noself”.

Psychosynthesis – Wikipedia

He wrote, “There are not really two selves, two independent and separate entities. May Learn how and when to remove this template message. Some subpersonalities may be seen ‘as psychological contents striving to emulate an archetype A psychosynthesis approach to culture shock”.

A Collection of Basic WritingsAssagioli writes of three aims of psychosynthesis:. The earliest was by James Jackson Putnamwho used it as the name of his electroconvulsive therapy. Assagioli presents the two major theoretical models in his seminal book, Psychosynthesis[13] models that have remained fundamental to psychosynthesis theory and practice through the years.

This level of the unconscious represents an area of the personality that contains the “heights” overarching the “depths” of the lower unconscious. The lead section of this article may need to be rewritten. It is not badit is just earlier ‘.


Assagioli by Sofía Chamorro on Prezi

One broad classification of the techniques used involves the following headings: Conscious Self or “I” 6: But Assagioli also understood that there could be a meaningful relationship between the person and Self as well:. Secondly, the subpersonality model aided students in their ability to integrate a new social identity.

In developing psychosynthesis, Assagioli agreed with Freud that healing childhood trauma and developing a healthy ego were necessary aims of psychotherapy, but held that human growth could not be limited to this alone. This section has multiple issues.

Psychosynthesis suggests that “we can experience the will as having four stages. One way to think of the lower unconscious is that it is a particular bandwidth of one’s experiential range that has been broken away from consciousness. Psychosynthesis Star Diagram formulated by Roberto Assagioli. Psychosynthesis is therefore one of the earliest forerunners of both humanistic psychology and transpersonal psychologyeven preceding Jung’s break with Freud by several years.


See Wikipedia’s guide to writing better articles for suggestions. Although the unconscious is an important part of his theory, Assagioli was careful to maintain a balance with rational, conscious therapeutical work. It sees too many sides at the same time and that is a drawback. This section’s tone or style may not reflect the encyclopedic tone used on Wikipedia.

Psychosynthesis offers an overall view which can help orient oneself within the vast array of different modalities available today, and be applied either for therapy or for self-actualization. As a result, the movement has been at times exposed to the dangers of fossilisation and cultismso that on occasion, having “started out reflecting the high-minded spiritual philosophy of its founder, [it] became more and more authoritarian, more and more strident in its conviction that psychosynthesis was the One Truth”.