ASTM C/CM: Standard Test Method for Infiltration Rate of In Place Pervious Concrete. Standard Test Method for. Infiltration Rate of In Place. Pervious Concrete. ASTM C/CM – 09 Download scientific diagram | Preparation of the infiltration ring for the ASTM C/CM test on PMPC and PA surfaces. from publication: The.

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Field investigation of clogging in a permeable pavement system building research and information. The surface infiltration rates of both PC sections were about twice as large as PICP, and all three were more than one order of magnitude larger than PA.

These notes shall not be considered as requirements of the standard. Inthe U. Surface infiltration measurements are measured monthly in both areas with a modified version of ASTM C to characterize the clogging potential of each surface and when cleaning might be required.

To determine the infiltration rate of the entire pervious pavement multiple locations must be tested and the results averaged.


The parking facility is illustrated in Figure 3 with the three permeable pavement surfaces each approximately m2 5, sf. To further demonstrate the utility of this test method for PICP, results from two sites from 4Site Engineering astn and are provided Lia and Lia b. This framed area should represent the percentage of open area in the overall surface to best characterize surface infiltration.

Borst reports using a modified version of C to test PICP, pervious concrete, and porous asphalt as part of a nationally visible evaluation of these pavements. Table 2 provides the c171 data. Historical Version s – view previous versions of standard.


The unweighted means for pervious concrete were 1. Surface infiltration is a key performance indicator of both pavement types.

ASTM C1701/C1701M – 17a

ASTM C test apparatus at a public library parking lot After pre-wetting, ASTM C test method was conducted in April, during the first months of service that resulted in an average infiltration rate of 3. There was no difference between maintained and unmaintained area surface infiltration rates, likely due to the newness of the surfaces.

Runoff transports solids to the upgradient edge of the permeable pavement surface. Among those test methods is the single ring infiltrometer described in ASTM C developed to test surface infiltration of PICP, concrete grid pavements, and pervious concrete.

This can require bringing a scale to the site to weight before and after mass of the water dispensed usually from buckets.

Booth University of Washington. This is likely due to the speed and economy of conducting tests in this manner. Permeable Pavements in Cold Climates: Even when one test measured that the surface was clogged near the upgradient edge, the effect was generally diluted by averaging with the larger infiltration rates from unaffected locations.

Terry Lucke 11 Estimated H-index: The results showed that: Randomly selected locations across each area were tested periodically about monthlyand other measurements were made quarterly at fixed locations.

Hui Li 11 Estimated H-index: Clogging evaluation of open graded friction course pavements tested under rainfall and heavy vehicle simulators. Modifications to C are proposed that include use of 1 modeling clay asym seal the ring to the pavement in hot weather; and 2 graduated bucket s to determine the mass of infiltrated water.


Along these lines, proposed changes to C include the following: Are you looking for Astrid Volder 17 Estimated H-index: Marchioni 3 Estimated H-index: Understanding from a Laboratory Investigation journal of materials in civil engineering.

Environmental Protection Agency constructed a 0.

Standard Test Method for Infiltration Rate of In Place Pervious Concrete

Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link. Sara Simona Cipolla 3 Estimated H-index: This was placed over a mm 4 in.

Lorimar Serrano 1 Estimated H-index: The literature demonstrates Chopra and Vancura that permeable pavements can experience a reduction in their surface infiltration rates especially if not maintained with vacuum sweeping. Sung-Bum Park 1 Estimated H-index: Abstract Fully permeable pavement is gradually gaining support as an alternative best management practice BMP for stormwater runoff management.

This paper provides a brief background on the development of test methods for measuring surface infiltration of permeable pavements. This did not produce a meaningful change in infiltration rate to suggest maintenance was needed for the entire surface area. This could eliminate the use of a scale on the test site. He moved to a single ring infiltrometer due to high surface infiltration rates of the permeable pavements tested and the volume of water required for maintaining hydraulic heads within the rings.

Brattebo University of WashingtonDerek B.