ASTM D – 11 Standard Specification for Minimum Requirements for Agencies Testing and Inspecting Road and Paving Materials. 0. Share. ASTM D Standard Test Method by Viscosity of Asphalts by Vacuum Capillary ASTM D Inspection and Testing Agencies for Bituminous Paving . ASTM D Standard specification for minimum requirements for agencies testing and inspecting road and paving materials. ASTM D Standard test.

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In other words, the registered Professional Engineer P. It features a fully integrated sample handling system, rugged gas chromatograph GC module and enhanced data processing and handling capabilities, including a state-of-the-art LCD color display and user interface.

It is very important to our program that we meet the needs of the agencies that require our accreditation. This change was made to improve the consistency of our assessment of laboratory conformance to the ASTM quality system standards that require technician certifications.

It includes all the road paving materials commonly encountered in the ASTM quality system standards, and it requires laboratories to ensure that the performance of their technicians is evaluated regularly instead of allowing a lifetime certification. Regardless of which quality system an agency chooses to require, the best way for them to truly get what they want out of these standards is to get involved with the standards development process. This specification covers the minimum requirements for field and laboratory personnel, for establishing and maintaining a quality system, and establishes minimum qualifications for agencies engaged in the testing and inspection of road and paving materials.

Also, the certification requirements can be a little confusing for the laboratories because they often perform testing on more than just one type of material, and they work on projects for more than one specifying agency.

This specification can be used as a basis to evaluate testing or inspection agencies, or both, and is intended for use for the qualifying or accrediting, or both, of testing or inspection agencies, public or private, engaged in the testing and inspection of road and paving materials.

In these cases, we aatm to determine what actions the laboratory is taking to resolve the issue. For some, though, it has been a challenge – mainly because the laboratories are not familiar with the requirements of the standards and how we evaluate conformance to them.


Work Item s – proposed revisions of this standard. It is informational only and not an official part of the standard; the full text of the standard itself must be referred to for its use and application. Laboratory Equipment instruments, glassware, and plastic consumablesScientific instrument, Educational Apparatus, Medical Equipments, Hospital Equipments, etc. Significance and Use This specification provides the basic minimum criteria for use in evaluating the qualifications of testing or inspection agencies, or both, for road and paving materials.

Technician Certification Requirements in ASTM Standards

It is best to investigate external certification programs to ensure that they fulfill the requirements of the standards. This causes them to sort through a maze of possible certification programs to find the ones that will satisfy all of the different requirements. The criteria may be supplemented by more specific criteria and requirements.

The intent of this specification is to provide a consensus basis for evaluating a testing or inspection agency, or both, with respect to that agency’s capability to objectively and xstm provide the specific services needed by the user. Sometimes we have found that laboratories accredited for one of the ASTM standards that require certifications do not actually zstm to the requirements. EKO newsletter Q Jan. Show oldest on top Show newest on top.

You typed the code incorrectly. Sometimes problems aetm because either the certification program d36666 not designed around the ASTM specification s or the laboratory technician did not select all of the test method options that are required. If we are not doing our best to ensure that accredited laboratories actually conform to the requirements of the standards, our accreditation loses value to those who rely on it. We have 90 years of splendid history and during all of those years we have continually supplied advanced technology measurement equipment across the world.

Laboratory Centrifuge Our main business scope is laboratory equipment and medical equipment. Have the requirements of the standards changed since the last time the laboratory was approved for the accreditation? Login to be able to comment. For laboratories that are actively working to resolve the issue as fast as possible, we can offer a continuation of accreditation until the issues have been resolved.


Spectro Scientific has introduced an upgrade to its FieldLab 58 consisting of a more powerful X-ray fluorescence XRF module and newly designed filter that significantly improve the limits of detection for wear metal elements in oil. This specification can be used as a basis for accreditation. Considerations for specifying agencies It seems like the number of agencies that specify the ASTM quality system standards aatm on the rise, and the AASHTO Accreditation Program will continue to do its best to support their quality objectives.

If you have more questions on this topic, asmt can get in touch with either an ASTM staff manager to find out who might be a good contact for this type of question, or you can reach out to the chair of ASTM Subcommittee B Why go through the trouble?

ASTM International

The laboratory is able to get those standards back on their directory listing after they submit evidence of conformance. Who needs to be certified? An individual user can also use it to judge the qualification of an agency.

Do the technicians hold certifications that include all the required test methods specified in the standards? While it is true that some of the standards permit one person to fulfill multiple positional requirements, the AASHTO Accreditation Program AAP only approves this situation when the person is actually acting in the operational capacities specified in the standards.

This situation may be acceptable at some smaller organizations in which the people employed at the facility fill multiple roles; however, it is more common for the P.

Learn how to be an AASHTO lab 24/7

Criteria are provided for evaluating the capability of an agency to properly perform designated tests on road and paving materials, and for establishing guidelines pertaining to an agency’s organization, personnel, facilities, and quality system. For example, some of the ASTM quality system standards do not require periodic examinations, allowing a lifetime certification even though the test methods have changed over time.

It is the responsibility of the user of this standard to establish appropriate safety and health practices and determine the applicability of regulatory limitations prior to use.