Ozyr’s Astrocade (Bally Arcade) Instruction Site. [ Emporium Index | Astrocade Index]. Bally PROFESSIONAL ARCADE FUN & BRAINS. OWNERS MANUAL. Welcome to the unofficial Astrocade (Bally Arcade) Video Game Instruction Site. Here you will find the instructions needed to play Astrocade. A fantastic party game that’s absolutely addictive for 2 players or teams. LOADING INSTRUCTIONS. 1. Turn on your Astrocade and TV set, then select channel 3.

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How to Use BASIC on the Bally Arcade/Astrocade

Bally Astrocade 87 87 Bally Astrocade Manual: The “CH” key changes the sign of the displayed number. Press the appropriate numbered button on the keypad to start the game and to answer the additional questions the Bally Professional Arcade will ask.

All of the keypad entries required to select and initiate a game may be made using a hand control from your easy chair. Galactic Invasion Astrovision [] Topics: For the electronic billboard, see Astrovision Times Square.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Views Read Edit View history. Several functions may not work. On the front astrlcade the unit was a key “hex-pad” keyboard used for selecting games and options. Pirate’s Chase Astrovision [] texts eye favorite 0 comment 0 Bally Astrocade Manual: The downside was that most of the graphics system’s power was unavailable. Football Bally [] Console Manuals: For example, in a game with four players, the first player to be eliminated scores zero, and the remaining three score one point each.

Additional memory was scavenged by using fewer lines vertically, only 88 instead of the full Bally Pin Astrovision [] texts eye favorite 0 comment 0 Bally Astrocade Manual: It was originally announced as the “Bally Home Library Computer” in October and initially made available for mail order in December The Instructios unit is contained in the compartment on the left side panel. It was marketed only for a limited time before Bally decided to exit the market.


Now I can finally save the programs instead of writing them down!

How to Use BASIC on the Bally Arcade/Astrocade – Bally Arcade/Astrocade – AtariAge Forums

Originally referred to as the Bally Home Library Computerit was released in but available only through mail order. Using the keypad, enter the score you wish to play. With this system it will be necessary to supply a 75 ohm to ohm matching transformer available from you dealer or any television service center. Dungeons of Dracula Wavemakers texts eye 81 aetrocade 0 comment 0 Bally Astrocade Manual: Squeezing the trigger activates a switch for shooting as in Gunfight or placing ijstructions trace on the screen in Scribbling.

Review hand control actions for each individual game. Astrocade Pinball Astrovision []. Turn the power switch on for the Bally Professional Arcade, a listing of the games by number should appear iinstructions your TV screen.

Bullets remaining show next to the player’s score. Play against your computer or challenge your friends to a game you make yourself.

It sold under this name until the video game crash ofand then disappeared around In this form it sold mostly at computer stores and had little retail exposure unlike the Atari VCS. The object of Checkmate is to cause your opponent to crash into your trail, his own trail, or the sides of the playing field. This page was last edited on 5 Decemberat Football Bally [] texts eye favorite 0 comment 0 Bally Astrocade Manual: The Astrocade featured a relatively complex input device incorporating several types of control mechanisms: Make charts and graphs to display important information, forecast the performance of your favorite stock, or show the peaks in your household expenses.


The rest of the program would have to be placed in ROM. Delays in the production meant none of the units actually shipped untiland by this time the machine had been renamed the Bally Professional Arcade.

Each pistol grip hand control has several functions which determine the action seen on your screen. Bally Astrocade 93 93 Bally Astrocade Manual: Should this occur, simply press the reset button to clear. The system, combined into a single box, would eventually be released as the Datamax UV Blast Droids Esoterica Topics: Each player’s score appears in the upper corners of the screen.

The system was being developed by a group of computer artists at the University of Illinois at Chicago known as the ‘Circle Graphics Habitat’along with programmers at Nutting. Originally referred to as the Bally Home Library Computer, it was released in but available only through mail order.

Character Analysis Wavemakers. Decimal – Enters a decimal point.