We sell used & new Pearl Lighting Consoles by Avolites. Select from the best prices and availability in the world. 7 products offers 7 avolites pearl dmx controller products. About 57% of these are dimmers, 28% are led displays. A wide variety of avolites. Used, Second hand Avolites Pearl Controller of the best quality on the second hand market. With over 25 years of experience, our deals are the best.

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Avolites Pearl 2010 Lighting Console

Some dimmer packs peael designed for permanent installation. Compulite Vector Blue Used, Second hand. A stand that is raised and lowered with the aid of a rotating handle and gear mechanism. A linear scale for measuring the color of ambient light with warm yellow light measured in lower numbers and cool blue light measured in higher numbers.

A light source mounted at the top or bottom of a cyclorama in order to light it in a smooth, uniform manner. Of or relating to the film and video industries. Illumination on a subject or area that goes peafl from the front of the light source in a straight line to the subject or area.

An apparatus used to hold diffusion material. A third item is connected to the second in the same manner, and so on until all items have been connected. Preset Focus Palettes provide fast building blocks for functions such as pan, tilt, colour, gobo, etc. As with all Avolites consoles, the Pearl is designed for quick and avolutes programming and playback. The ppearl purchase order quantity for the product is 1. Colour VGA output fitted as standard.


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The standard household male, parallel-blade plug that may or may not have a ground pin. Generally, something made of diffusion material that softens the quality of the light passing through it to produce a more flattering light with less noticeable shadows.

This will include new graphics and an ergonomically curved front and back, complementing the physical aesthetics of the Pearl Expert and Pearl Tiger Consoles The Pearl is a cosmetically updated Pearl with the addition of USB memory, giving storage for the complete set of personality files as well as multiple show files.

Specification Internal Flash Drive, similar in functionality to a hard disk but faster and more rugged. A term used to describe the use of binary code to record information that has been reduced to numerical form; usually instructional information in regard to control consoles.

Front panel now reverse printed Polycarbonate Laminate using technology from the Diamond 4, this is incredibly hard wearing and looks excellent.

An apparatus holding several different gels that can be rotated by hand or motor such that any one gel can be placed in front of a light source with relative ease. An apparatus, usually 19″ long, that contains a group of electronic dimmers that are installed into a dimmer rack.

The rate at which electricity is delivered to a circuit, in watts, or in reference to magnetic transformers, in Volt-Amperes. A fabric used for linear diffusion material it spreads the light linearly. The Pearl sees Avolites introduce a new contemporary streamlined look for its global bestselling console.

The rest of the world operates on a frequency of 50Hz. The Pearl retains the intuitive and familiar feel of the “roller”, use of high quality Faders, Schadow switches and legendary reliability of Avolites consoles.


This equipment can also be the cause of electrical noise. See Inverse Square Law. Theatrical Plotting and Playback functions.

Projected films about A square or rectangular grid that, when installed on large open face light sources, alters the shape and intensity of the light and reduces glare. The patching of Moving Lights and colour changers is also as simple as patching a dimmer. Infinity Chimp with Banana-wing Used, Second hand. A flat metal apparatus with avolitws circular hole in the center used to reduce halation and sharpen the image when using patterns.

Used, Second hand Avolites Pearl Lighting Control Desk

Compulite Vector Orange Used, Second avolitex. Shape Generator for instant creation of patterns and effects. Preset Focuses allow you to create and save your own custom palette of colours.

Zero88 Frog Used, Second hand. A spotlight that is encased in an ellipse-shaped reflector and framing shutters, and sometimes an iris and pattern slot.

Abbreviation for Direct Current. Some items that can sometimes be daisy chained are color scrollers, automated light sources and dimmer racks or packs.

Avolites Pearl 2010 Used, Second hand

The flow of electrons from one point to another, measured in Amperes. Generally, anything that will carry electrical current, but usually refers to an insulated wire. A type of metallic coating applied to glass and some other materials that allow certain wavelengths of light, or other electromagnetic radiation, to pass, while reflecting all others.