BALDUR’S GATE 2 – SHADOWS OF AMN. In the original Baldur’s Gate game you learned that you were one of the Bhaalspawn, the children of Bhaal, the dead. Welcome to our Baldur’s Gate II: Shadows of Amn walkthrough! Simply click any of the links within the navigation bar to the right and you will be brought to the. Walkthrough for Baldur’s Gate II. Chapter 1. Escape the Dungeon. Chapter 2. Earn Some Gold. Chapter 3. Attack Vampire Guild Attack Shadow Thieves.

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By the by, my first character single player was a kensai as well, but used two longswords. Also, familiars get upgraded in Throne of Bhaal, see that section above for more information.

Bounce it off the wall a komplehtlsung times and watch their HPs go down. It has one area Watcher’s Keep that can be reached in either game, and many other areas that take place after the events in BG2.

Well if you have a low charisma you may not be able to get NPC’s to join you, if you pass a quest, the treasure may not be as good as it normally would be, or there may be no treasure at all! You can either kill Prince Villynaty and take his heart to King Ixilthetocal or you can agree to the prince’s plan, take the fake heart to King Ixilthetocal and then kill the king. He’s a madman with the Avenger a DMs worst nightmare. It will open the gates to the beast so it can perform its duties.

Sorcerer’s Place – Baldur’s Gate 2 Online Walkthrough – Shadows of Amn

Rest at the inn and then meet Phaere at the entrance to the city. Plus he can make his own ammunition for his crossbow. I believe this is badlurs very regular occurrence then, I hope it will be useful.


You will find this ring by finish the circus tent quest in komplettlsumg Promenade area. Keeping Summoned Monsters from Xander77 The take away monster: Speak to Claire and she will take you to see Captain Golin who will tell you of two different ways to get into the Asylum. HEH oh yeah demilich tried to imprison wizard eye many times but fail miserably. She will command you to meet her at the entrance to the city within a few days. So when you get to the beginning of a new area save it as “Starting out in So this is my procedure: She will also ask you to talk to the rebel prince instead of killing him and will give you the Rebel’s Orb if you agree.

You don’t have to wait that long anyway. Manipulating Things, without anyone Noticing: In the sewer section on the left side of the area, you will find Rielev. He will ask you to go to the Graveyard District and destroy Bodhi. Take the east passage from the room with the minotaur statue and take the Minotaur Horn from the room at the end of the hall.

Take the prison key from his body and release Tizzak.

In order to get a positive ending with Aerie, you must choose to NOT sleep with her. What’s New in Throne of Bhaal: Jaheira won’t talk to you after a while if you haven’t done the bandit quest.

You can also just click Dual Class, then Cancel to get your Snares back. Fire elementals druid invisible stalker, skeletons, Killthix the spider figurine. The Berserker could soak up damage and lead enemies away, while the Kensai demolished everything in sight. Using familiars as a bag komplettlssung holding: What would the Nishruu do? So I told Cromwell to make another! After I killed the enemy mage, it would “home” on Imoen.


There seems to be no limit to the amount of stuff they can keep on them. The hunt will take you all over the land of Amn, and under a goodish part of it, too! The Inquisitor’s Dispel makes every mage komplettlsuung a lot easier. He will tell you that he doesn’t actually have a ship at baldjrs moment and will ask your aid in acquiring a new one.

Chapter 4 Getting Inside the Asylum If you joined the Shadow Thieves, when you arrive in BrynnlawSaemon Havarian will betray you and you will be attacked by three vampires. Not to mention that they might also degrade items that you would otherwise pick up after the battle. Enter the House of the Talisman just east of Demin’s House. Destory the Mind Flayers and their Umber Hulks. She will transform your party into drow so that you can enter the city. The “spokesperson” for the cowled wizard should appear shortly after the nishruu materializes.

Pierce magic to handle to Stoneskin and take his magic resistance down. Select the area where you’re stuck and then keep clicking “Show Another Hint” to get the right level of help — anything from a small nudge to a full answer. Don’t even wait for the normal screen to come back.

Low-Spoiler Baldurs Gate II Walkthrough (Shadows of Amn)

Only 1 is necessary to get to the Elder brain, maybe 2 if you’re unlucky. Have the lich appear, talk to the char and turn hostile.

At the 14th level they start gaining Magic Resistance.