eDocs Home > BEA WebLogic Server Documentation > WebLogic Server Frequently Asked Questions. WebLogic Server Frequently Asked Questions. Awesome Weblogic Interview questions to help you |How to access the Oracle WebLogic Server is J2EE Server (earlier known as BEA. BEA WebLogic Interview Questions and Answers. What is BEA Weblogic? BEA WebLogic is a J2EE application server and also an HTTP web server by BEA.

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In other words, more than one MDB with a different implementation may be subscribing to the same topic. Weblogicc UNIX, signal the server using kill Windows Server Practice Tests.

Prepare well for the job interviews to get your dream job. Have you ever lie on your resume? This specifies the maximum numbers of outstanding messages sfrver can exist after they have been pushed from the questipns but before an asynchronous consumer has seen them; it defaults to a value of A ConnectionConsumer object uses a server session to process received messages. Answer java -version run this command in linux to know the java version.

In addition, we do not recommend that this acknowledge mode be used with persistent sfrver, as it implies a quality of service that may be too low for persistent messaging to be useful.

No, this is not supported: Within The Application Server? The setString method doesn’t seem to work. Destination keys are used to define the sort order for a specific destination. User-created threads do not have some of the thread-local variables pre-set by WebLogic when it creates it’s own execute threads, the associated transaction context, or the environment such as the proper class loader.


This is the process involving the tuning of work manager, chuck size, performance packs, chunk pool size and connection backlog buffering. This utility is used to apply the WebLogic Server Patches.

Servrr everything is working correctly, you should see your machine name. To keep clustering EJBs simple To avoid cross server calls which results in more efficiency. The staging directory of target servers is ignored for no-stage deployments.

To benefit from HTTP session state clustering, you must ensure that the session state is persistent, either by configure in-memory replication, file system persistence, or JDBC persistence.

Candidates should have basic knowledge on how this is done in order to get a job. What Is A Stage Deployment? Study The impact of Demonetization across sectors Most important skills required to get hired How startups are innovating with interview formats Does chemistry workout in job weblogi No special options are needed.

BEA WebLogic Server Interview Questions & Answers

There is no copy in the administrator but each and every server needs to contact the source directly for getting the item to be deployed. If there are no servers left in its list, the stub uses DNS again to find a running server and obtain a current list of running instances.

MDBs support concurrent processing for both Topics and Queues. In the WebLogic console, in the left navigation tree, click on “Environment”, then “Servers”. HTTP session state clustering and object clustering are the two primary cluster services that WebLogic Server weblogix.


WebLogic Server Frequently Asked Questions

Your JDBC code may throw the following exception: Total implies total since server last started. How Do The Wls Jms 6.

The client has a choice about which instance of the object to call. Production application redeployment Rolling upgrades. When you ping your database using the questjons utils. When you use the multitier utils.

There are various capabilities associated with WebLogic server and they are Changes in dynamic configuration Production application redeployment Rolling upgrades Question T3 is capable of providing framework or overall structure for the messages that are capable of supporting the enhancements. One workaround is for each MDB to reference a local destination.

Within an unsigned applet, you cannot load native libraries over the wire, access the local file system, or connect to qeblogic host except the host from which you loaded the applet.

A rolled back message remains pending until the transaction actually rolls back. Oracle 11g Practice Tests.

Memory leak is the condition that arises when the objects get retained in the heap even after they have no use. Suppose you are trying to tget the PreparedStatement class to bind Strings in a statement.