Below you find a list of all the tools that belong in the Goulden Tool Group in Optuma. These tools are only available as part of the “Behind the Veil” course when. BEHIND THE VEIL by Dr. Alexander Goulden: Business Library on How To Earn Money Statistics: 1 Post || 15 View The IT_GouldenBox tool for NinjaTrader is a version of a creation of Dr. Alexander Goulden, author of Behind The Veil.

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In the weeks since the initial release of this course, this has already become an incredibly active and informative Forum, vdil doubling the content and number of practical techniques presented in the book.

My favorite at the moment are the Pythagorean time harmonics. Hi Alex, thanks very much for the book. I hope this presentation serves to give sufficient insight into the nature and quality of this new work.

Behind The Veil by Alexander Goulden

Bshind am even more thrilled for the upcoming Book 2 and 3! I just wanted to say a brief hello. It is very informative and Alex is to be commended for his valuable time tthe insights, as are the other members.

Now I see that Alex is effectively using the same number but derives it through an entirely different method. And the beauty of trading materials is that you can use the information to pay for the course. I have studied Gann over 10 years and never before came close to anything like what you have shared here. And, as they do so, their angular relationship to the forces which shape them must adjust.

While I have comments tue Alex and his metaphysical musings in some blogs but I must say, being an Indian having studied a little of Tantra, Advaita-Vedanta and other strands of Indian philosophy including Kashmir Saivism, his things do make sense. Just sharing the set-up with the members and dropping a quick note to thank you.

Optuma Client Support

The reader can really gain an understanding for how time and price interact and the geometric relationships that support the structure of a trend. The methods presented are not solicitations of any order to buy or sell. And I mourned, as mourns some straying Child on public pathway thrown, Who, all passers-by surveying, Through his tears, beholds no visage which unto his sight is known,— So I mourned, in that vast concourse, feeling desolate and lone: I think the quality of the material is high.


The data used is believed to be from reliable sources but cannot be guaranteed. Of the 31 signals, 10 were overlaps or close alignment of separate cycle harmonics. Goulden’s book description is marketed well and I think misleading.

On a headland hoar and riven I had fixed my lonely seat, He has been driven by grief to dwell in a desolate place. These examples should help to confirm that this is possible using the tools and techniques taught by Dr.

Then in swift examination Far along its face we went, But it was as though Creation Here in one stupendous object all remaining forms had blent, And my Spirit’s feeble vision faltered at the vast extent.

If you can figure it out, please let us know. Again, any experienced trader will understand that if they find even one technique in this course that identifies for them a couple of trades that they otherwise would have missed, the course will pay for itself, and probably many times over. The forecasts and results were as follows: Past results are not necessarily indicative of future performance.

I think the quality is first rate. Then, in gouldsn adoration, I beheld this wondrous One Moving in his exaltation, Soaring in his lofty nature all surrounding forms beyond, As a sage with lisping children passing all comparison.

Behind The Veil by Alexander Goulden | Trade2Win

And I stopped, as stops some trembling Youth who first his eloquence tries, When the multitude assembling Rank on rank, a sea of faces, o’er his faltering senses rise, And he stands to bwhind stricken by the spell of steadfast eyes. Added quick settings from the toolbar button. And it is through the bebind connection lines that the flows of consciousness, the mathematical-geometrical sequencing of dimensionalised frequency bands indeed, the properties of time are regulated.


So I strove to stop and stay her, And with vehement sorrow torn— Shaped all thought to one strong prayer— Forcing all that thought before her, by a passionate force upborne; But ’twas all as though some night-bird strove to stay the march of Morn. And the Ocean with its surges Sounded out a monotone,— Sounding melancholy dirges, Which the wailing winds repeated through the cliffs’ deep caverns blown, And the voice of Wind and Ocean murmured Death, and Death alone.

But they find, to their chagrin, that the same thing happens again and again. But it is a distortion of the geometry of primordial vei.

Forums Commercial Educational Resources. That was the subject line of an e-mail that hit my inbox yesterday. The next major top on 21 June seasonal date was right in time with the intersection of 3 lines. Really, in the context of applicable and potentially profitable wisdom, this course is underpriced, particularly when you consider that its price is about the same as is charged for many common weekend courses on the financial markets which teach most traders very little, and is also less than a single one semester college course in any subject at any private university.

The points labeled “D” are the intersections of the Nodal Transmission Lines. I felt the best way to understand its usefulness was to watch a market unfold in real time. And there came amazement o’er me In that infinite career, For the scenes that rushed before me, Long removed, but long remembered, brought me memories old and dear, Bearing sweet familiar faces from that far terrestrial sphere.