A catalog of User Guides and Owner’s Manuals for Beseler enlargers and darkroom products available Beseler 67C Condenser Enlarger Manual (blue model). Documents Similar To Beseler 67c Enlarger Manual. SRTServiceManual. Uploaded by. Mario Lamprea · Beseler 45MXII Enlarger. Uploaded by. This camera manual is for reference and historical purposes, all rights reserved. Beseler periodically updates products and therefore illustrations and 67(2). ). TCS-ENLARGER. EXPLODED VIEW. IO – X. (

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The lens and negative stages are pre-aligned at the factory, but this entire assembly may be easily aligned to the baseboard by means of four screws in the negative stage and a level or carpenter’s square. The upright measures 40′ high and, as magnification increases, the image moves forward on the baseboard, clearing the base for ease in printing large pictures. Two-digit number — the max size of the negative it can accept e.

Except for the knobs and optical components, the lamp housing and filter assembly are made of heavy metal, with no evidence of plastic parts anywhere.

Aligning Beseler 67c | Photography Forums

Let’s look inside the unit. By continuing to use this site, you are consenting brseler our use of cookies. Yeah, I had that “B” condenser lens in there for awhile when I started making 6×6 enlargements before I learned it was for smaller formats. Their enlargers along with Omega were frequently found in schools and rental labs; a great many students learned how to print on a Beseler enlarger.


By using dichroic filters the Beseler 67 Colorhead is designed to extend the capability of the 67 enlarger to color printing.

Jul 8, 7. Your name or email address: A large bolt is mounted in the baseboard with a washer to keep the bolt’s head up a hair. In use the bdseler is, again, simple and straightforward. Larger sister of the Printmaker 35with which it shares interchangable heads.

The Beseler Dichro 67S comes with two light-mixing chambers: I’d love to know how to align this enlarger if anyone can forward a manual or lend some advice as to which screws to turn.

The Beseler 67 Colorhead is a really “up-front” design. This site requires JavaScript to function properly. The 67C provides 5″ of bellows extension, enough for reductions from a 35mm negative, and employs Beseler’s excellent lensboard mounting system.

This highly desirable item is, however, available as an accessory from Beseler. When you do take a closer look, quality beneath the surface is apparent. This site uses cookies to help personalise content, tailor your experience and to keep you logged in if you register. Quick Comparison Model Mfg Col. You are welcome to place orders during the closure but be advised your order will manuual be processed until the new year.

Grab the handle on the right side of the head and twist it toward you to unlock the head. Or, in a neutral test, a ratio of exactly 7: Printmaker 67 The Printmaker series comes in two sizes, the 35mm version and this 67 version, which can handle 6x7cm images.

Dichro 67 Coloread By using dichroic filters the Beseler 67 Colorhead is designed to extend the capability of the 67 enlarger to color printing. PM me your address and I’ll mail you a Xerox copy. The 67CS colorhead is compact and completely self-contained, but lacks a voltage stabilizer.


What a great guy. It wasn’t enough to fog paper, but was somewhat annoying. Besdler 67C heads, both black-and-white and color, are much less complex and therefore less expensive. No, create an account now.

High quality copy of the original Beseler instruction manual for early 67C condenser bfseler with blue lamphouse and carriage, using the PHA lamp manufactured during the ‘s. As such, the enlarger uses all of the negative carriers, lensboards and accessories which have complemented preceding 67 models, including the Dichro 67S colorhead.

I’ve edited them a little for brevity. Beseler has a naming scheme for most of their enlargers which describes the features of the machine.

Beseler 67C (early) Enlarger Instruction Manual

The Beseler 67CS enlarger is an exercise in simplicity of design, assembly, and operation. Position the head at the magnification you want and then twist it away from you to lock it tight.

Changing the chambers, as well as the quartz halogen lamp, is a simple matter of sliding up the entire front portion of the head. The practical effect is the consumer gets more for his dollar. Manusl the solution is equally simple–providing a 35mm mixing chamber.