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Spela på vår populära banor. Ett kul äventyr för hela familjen och ett trevligt sätt att umgås på en dag på Öland. I...

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  • "Some days are just hard. 20 Quotes On Happiness To Get You...
  • 20 Quotes On Happiness To Get You Through A Dreadful Day Determination - quote- motivational - inspiring -...
  • 16 Best Happiness motivation! images | Thinking about you, Messages, Thoughts

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Hector Castro: For both sexes this is the ultimate aphrodisiac.

Slade R: Im german and i know that almost everything was correct except for the politics thing

Jakov Pacadi: Im swedish and im sick of 4 words youre swedish? Oh so youre swiss youre swedish so everything you bought is from ikea? youre swedish? wheres your blond hair? youre a swede? so you only eat meatballs? i hear that all the Time..

KrГіl Foltest: The women or the outro was speaking russian or Ukrainian

Josh Eyy: You Know You are Dating a RUSSIAN Woman When you got numerous STD's afterwards.

Soviet GUN: Okay I am definitely going to Russia. I need a real man I had enough with boys! to Russia we go ladies

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Forsida: Oye vi a un wey!

Diamond Pepe: Such hot women.

Little Froe: Fuck this the way she read the french part was cancer

Zane Silver: I would marry the Scottish girl in a HEARTBEAT 09 That accent and shes a BBW.I Would build her a damn house and make her some Earl Grey Tea everyday.

MemeLord: I am from Poland. I like russian and czech language.

Shaima Alawdi: Was this filmed in New Zealand? There are a lot of All Blacks rugby photos on the wall behind them.

Nuno Ferreira: What difference does it make? The two countries are right next to each other, they have the same founder, and even their flags are almost exactly the same.

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  2. comedians should make you laugh, and using offensive terms is one method of doing so

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