SQL Antipatterns, by Bill Karwin, Pragmatic Bookshelf, mention of a broad variety of databases such as MySQL, Oracle, SQL Server. Common blunders of SQL database design, queries, and software SQL Antipatterns Strike Back Bill Karwin 1 Monday, April 20, 1. Bill Karwin has helped thousands of people write better SQL and buildstronger relational databases. Now he’s sharing his collection of antipatterns–the most.

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Logical Database Design Antipatterns Chapter 2: Mar 04, Johnny Graber rated it really liked it. A sound coverage of typical SQL schema mistakes, with a useful exposition of the choices available in implementing inheritance. This books describes common errors developers make when dealing with databases.

Book Review – SQL Antipatterns – Vlad Mihalcea

This will not only result in slow queries but in hours wasted to figure out what you try to achieve. First, this is based on B6. Jul 08, Ji rated it liked it Shelves: You’ll also learn the best and most current technology for full-text search, how to design code that is resistant to SQL injection attacks, and other techniques for success.

His explanation of the problems these can cause should help developers remember why the anti-patterns are so dangerous. Use Null as a Unique Value Chapter bill The book is a must-have reference for any developer that has to interact with a relational database system.


SQL Antipatterns [Book]

Sep 09, Matias Fernandez rated it it was amazing. Each chapter in this book helps you identify, explain, and correct a unique and dangerous antipattern. This site uses cookies. And if you’ve written the database interface layer for anfipatterns, it might be partially interesting for you. Apr 27, Simon Fermor rated it really liked it.

It’s still a good read. I enjoyed the discussions around security and can appreciate that storing passwords in the database is a bad idea I’ve seen that more than once and have a better understanding on how to protect against SQL injection attacks.

The book provides examples of bad practice anti-patternsexplains the impact of bad decisions and provides alternative solutions to the situations discussed. Improving the Design of Existing Code Refactoring in which every anti- pattern is described following the same structure.

This boo Bill Karwin has helped thousands of people write better SQL and build stronger relational databases.

Book Review – SQL Antipatterns

Chapter 25 “Magic Beans” is a bit weird. Jul 27, Vasil Kolev rated it really liked it Shelves: Application Development Antipatterns Chapter Feb 14, Michael Gaudet rated it really liked it. Fear of the Unknown Objective: This book shows you all the common mistakes, and then leads you through the best fixes. Use the Right Tool for the Job Chapter Feb 05, Eric Wisdahl rated it really liked it Shelves: I thought this book was ok.


It is not about TSQL thought. Description Resources Extracts Author.

As of late, I’ve been letting Hibernate do most of the heavy lifting for me, trusting that it will generate reasonable SQL and keep me out of hot water. More times than not, however, the development team has to craft the SQL ourselves.

SQL Antipatterns

This is a catalog of what the author considers widespread bad practices in the use of relational databases and SQL programming. For instance, the database backing a blog whose posts can have an arbitrary number of tags would have a column TAGS with entries such as ‘tag1, tag2, tag4’. SQL Antipatterns should become a useful tool for DBAs and database programmers to help them create well-designed databases and applications…and to help us eliminate these common errors from our database implementations.