Bob Pozen–Harvard Business School lecturer, prolific author, financial-industry heavyweight–tackles more in a month than you manage in a. Category Archives: Extreme Productivity Robert Pozen knows a little something about thriving at the top — he’s the former chairman of MFS. Robert Pozen has had to be efficient to work through the impressive list His latest book is “Extreme Productivity: Boost Your Results, Reduce.

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This process helps me organize my ideas into groupings, which will become the building blocks of an outline.

Take the variables out of your routine—what to wear, what to eat for breakfast—and make it predictable to reduce decision-making time. Easy to understand and implement. To see what your friends thought of this pozem, please sign up. My goal is to get down as many ideas as possible, not to put them into any particular order.

Pozen was clear and concise, with practical tips to increase productivity. What was the more productive use of your time? I don’t get that from the article. Exercise is rated as the 2nd most happiness inducing activity- right behind sex.

Oroductivity like his focus on figuring out what you do best, do it, and delegating the rest. Remember that it takes twenty years to build a reputation and five minutes to lose it.

Securities and Exchange Commission.

Extreme Productivity: Boost Your Results, Reduce Your Hours

Equally important is the demand side, considering what your organization produtcivity your world are looking for. And have you spent three days on one that was really great? Avoid meetings when possible. That means nothing will stop you from becoming a faster, smarter worker if you set clear goals and priorities. I like this book very much–he spends the requisite amount of time on setting goals and priorities, but then the rest of profuctivity book has specifics The number of hours spent on any given project is irrelevant.


To ask other readers questions about Extreme Productivityplease sign up. But to branch out into new industrial activities, a city, region or country must first have a pool of people with the right mix Sometimes people are afraid to leave at 5: Minimize your routine, maximize your time Everyone—including President Obama—is better off with a uniform of sorts. Sign in to get notified via email when new comments are made. I liked his advice producrivity not reading things that won’t benefit you so I stopped reading it halfway through.

Feb 21, TarasProkopyuk rated it it was amazing Shelves: Pozen contains practical advice for productivty personal productivity aimed at professionals in a more corporate setting. Apr 03, Deden Ramadhan rated it really liked it. Robert Pozen is a very productive person: An amusing commercial shows someone having a bad day, and how that person’s mood affects each person down the line, with more bad moods.

A lot of the problems we have as a species and productiviy a planet are due to the actions of people like that.

How to achieve extreme productivity

In applying the lessons of this book, you should carefully consider your own stage in life and you “As I’ve written pozzen book, I have become more and more confident that professionals at all levels should focus on results produced rather than hours worked.

Pozen shows that in order to be truly productive, professionals must make a critical shift in their mind-set: Pfoductivity calibrate daily activities to yearly goals, Pozen recommends a two-sided schedule.

Part 4, Managing Up and Down, has two chapters that will only be useful to those in some situations.

Lists with This Book. The first has caught on in the startup scene—meaning that you get most of your value from 20 percent of your work.

Extreme Productivity: Boost Your Results, Reduce Your Hours by Robert C. Pozen

The chapters end with summary key points and practical suggestions you can put to work immediately. But it is also not a very practical book–for instance, I’m not planning on quitting my job anytime soon to take up Argentinean dance nor do I want to completely outsource my life.


Write a summary of what you want to remember. These are three very important skills and Pozen shares some practical prodductivity on all three, especially for the corporate executive. All of these chapters have good practical advice on the topics, but some fxtreme won’t find them as useful. Quickly handle low-priority tasks by keeping your perfectionism at bay. Design What Apple needs to fix in and beyond Co. Rank your key goals for xetreme following week and the following year. Oct 28, Scott Exterme rated it really liked it Shelves: It doesn’t automatically follow that you prlductivity have to extend your productivity to the same time interval of the person just whiling away the hours.

To level up your skills, you want to always be looking for on-the-job training, whether structured or not. I have read the book 4 Hour Work Week by Timothy Ferris a number of times because it has some good tips in it about being effectively productive.

And for someone that you might expect to be a bit old-school, I like that Pozen has embraced the flexible workplace. In Extreme ProductivityPozen reveals the secrets to workplace productivity and high performance.

Part 2, Productivity Every Day, has three chapters as well. Sep 05, Heba Mohammed rated it liked it Shelves: