Avec une envergure de 4,20 mètres et une MTOW inférieure à 25 kg, le BOREAL peut parcourir jusqu’à km au cours d’un vol. L’appareil «BOREAL 10» de la société DEPAEPE est conforme à la norme de sécurité en vigueur EN Amendements 1 à SOMMAIRE / SUMMARY 1) . All of the BOREAL Hotel Telephones feature: Hands free speakerphone ( BOREAL 10H ML) to share conversation with other guests or to keep both hands free.

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Custom label design printing and installation. Data port for use with a personal computer or fax machine. Continue Cancel Send email OK.

When connected to some PBXs, equipped with message waiting or voice mail systems, it can also blink or light steadily when a message is waiting for the user.

Factory pre-programmable autodial buttons, with icons and text identification for easy use by your guests, while increasing your revenues from chargeable services and reducing traffic to hotel operators. Gently pull down the wall mounted bracket until it is held securely by the 2 screws.

Ideal for the Hotel Industry. The sleek design will match every hotel room and the durability bpreal a minimum of repair noreal be required, maximizing the return on your investment. Adjust as indicated below: Access to programming is hidden from your guests.

Amplified speaker allowing other guests to listen to the conversation. Monter le kit mural. Data port access allowing use of a personal computer or fax machine on the same line or 10 an extra line if available. EN et EN A selection of 3 different systems is available: The cabling inside of boeral telephone allows the data port to be connected 100h on the same line as the telephone.


High visibily message waiting lamp for use with most PABX installations. High-Low ringer volume settings ringer cannot be turned off. When dialling in the pulse mode, depressing key or automatically switches to tone dialling, giving access from a pulse PABX to tone systems.

Glisser le poste vers le bas pour bloquer. Plenty of life occurs on the forest floor of the taiga on the lower elevations of Denali National Park, Alaska, United States.


bofeal Access to those settings is located below the memory keys label. Message waiting lamp with selection of 4 different settings selection by hiddden rotating switch which can be easily adjusted breal case of PABX change.

Northern lights, Aurora borealis. Scenic landscape of Mt. When returning to on-hook, the telephone automatically turns back to pulse mode. From two-touch memory: Desk or wall mountable handset holder secures the handset on hold when in wallmount configuration.

Factory message waiting lamp and dialling settings. For all your special communication needs. Aurora Borealis over boreal forest. Front label can be custom designed to include the hotel name, adress, hotel logo and dialling instructions and any other appropriate guest information.

Desk Mounting Wall Mounting Align slot hole of wall mounted bracket over the 2 screws. Page 1 of Fort — faible – Off. A message-waiting lamp indicates incoming calls and blinks or lights steadily when a message is waiting for the user this will only work on some PBXs.

If is associated with an Alamy account you’ll receive an email with instructions on how to reset your password. Sell images Our Blog. Scenic roadside boreal forest habitat view with purple fireweed. Boreal forest aerialChitina Valley, Wrangell St. Please enter your password Forgotten your password? Tone or Pulse dialling.


Selection of icons and text identifications for easy use of the auto-dial buttons. To receive our regular series of articles and information on creating effective and secure information systems, please Click Here. Position bureau Position murale. Leaves change in a blur borea color during the brief, but intense autumn of the boreal forest of arctic Alaska Scenic view of Mt. Large face plate which can be customed designed to include the hotel borewl, address, hotel logo, and dialling instructions and any other appropriate guest information.

Designed to provide today’s hotel guests with the maximum of convenience, comfort and user features, the BOREAL family of Hotel Telephones is ideal for the hotel industry. Release the key to return to previous state. Trees of the boreal forest are turned to their fall colors along Elliot Highway in Interior Alaska Scenic view of tundra and boreal forest in Denali National Park during peak Autumn colors in Interior Alaska.

When pressed, the last number dialled will be redialled from the internal memory. Enter your log in email address and we’ll send you a link to reset your password. Protected access to settings and programmings.

Le drone BOREAL emporte 5kg et réalise des missions de plus de 10h

It’s a community-based project which helps to boral anything. Pick-up the handset, Press button, Press one of the memory locations 0 to 9 Keypad keys and numbers stored will be dialled out automatically. We’ve sent an email to Please follow the instructions to reset your password.