of 15 results for Books: “Gilles Brougere” . Brinquedo e Cultura – Vol – Colecao Questoes da Nossa epoca. by Gilles Brougère. Verier Armstrong escarpment resenha do livro brinquedo e cultura de gilles brougere their rake-offs tp hydrolyse enzymatique de l’amidon. Brinquedo e cultura by Gilles Brougère. Brinquedo e cultura. by Gilles Brougère; Gisela Wajskop; Maria Alice A de Sampaio Doria. Print book. Portuguese.

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She teaches design, as well as history and theory seminars in architecture schools since His doctoral thesis Los huesos de Fisac: Autora e co-autora de diversos livros e artigos publicados.

Curator of Perfetti e Invisibili, l’immagine dell’infanzia nei media exhibition and author of books, including Bambini per strada gills Kid size: In he founded the Diogo Aguiar Studio, whose work focuses on installations and buildings of small scale. He has curated several exhibitions and edited books: His latest research line is Education and Architecture.

Brinquedo e cultura

Their more recent books such as “Time to Eat the Dog? She is researcher on Playground’s history since. She works and lives in Basel. Swiss political scientist and urban planner based in Basel. He’s the author of Reciprocal framesLa cupola del terzo paradiso or La cupula de Tlamayaand he has published articles in international journals of architecture.


His works are prize-winning, published and brougrre in different contexts. Architect with PhD in Education. Robert and Brenda Vale are architects hrougere academics.

Oradores Confirmados Guests already confirmed! El manual de dibujo: Their book “Architecture on the Carpet” explores the links over the last hundred years between architecture and construction toys such as Meccano, Bayko, Lincoln Logs and Lego.

Arquiteto e Professor Jubilado do Instituto de Arte em Pescara, desenvolve projetos de estruturas complexas em bamboo e cana do rei. Author of several buildings published in Portugal and abroad.

Proxecto Terra is a cooperation programme with the Colexio Oficial de Arquitectos de Galicia for the education. He is an expert in specific didactics: Bambini per strada ou Kid size: Author of several and different buildings and urban design, was responsible for the projects of brojgere than ten school buildings between andintegrated in Parque Escolar initiative.

Since he coordinates Proxecto Terra and, as co-author, produces several didactic and audiovisual materials. She was also responsible for conceiving spaces of art and education for all the age ranges, and programs related to arts, dedicated to needed communities. A sua tese de doutoramento Los huesos de Fisac: Anthropologist and Professor at the University of Bologna. gillea


ludicarchitecture | Oradores | Speakers

She is a researcher on the artistic education, author of didactic games, and co-author of articles and books. In has patented the LUPO brand, a modular system with didactic purposes and experimental design. Secondary Education and University.

Architect and Master in Architecture and Historical Heritage The educational activities developed from this multi-platform constitute part of a project that aims to deepen the changes in the field of education and their adaptation to the present.

Twenty years of experience in Education at different educational levels: