In this study, the phytochemical profile of extracts from the flowers of Bromelia laciniosa was characterized. The total phenolic and flavonoids contents were. Bromelia laciniosa (left); Neoglaziovia variegata (middle); and Encholirium spectabile (right) grown in Petrolina, Pernambuco, Brazil. Photos. Molecules. Sep 6;22(9). pii: E doi: /molecules Non- Polar Natural Products from Bromelia laciniosa, Neoglaziovia variegata and.

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Brromelia article is an open access article distributed under the terms and conditions of the Creative Commons Attribution Bromeia BY license http: This species is used as a supplementary food supply in famine emergencies by rural communities in the semi-arid Caatinga region [ 19 ].

Associated Data Supplementary Materials moleculess Flowers, fruit and leaves from B. After extraction, solutions were filtered through glass wool before being concentrated under reduced pressure on a rotary evaporator.

Very little authoritative information is available about natural products from Bromelia laciniosaand there is absolutely no previous information about Encholirium spectabile and Neoglaziovia variegata. Campesterol Compound 15 is a common phytosterol found in many edible plants. Materials and Methods 3. Neoglaziovia variegataBromeliaceae.

Stigmastanol is also known as sitostanol and is a phytosterol commonly found in many edible plants. Las gomas de Bromelia serra gris.

Bromelia laciniosa – Wikipedia

Differentiation of refined and virgin edible oils by means of the trans – and cis -phytol isomer distribution. Published online Sep 6. Absolute configurations are based on mass spectral matches against known library mass spectra NIST07when applicable. The multidimensional NMR data provided supportive evidence for the presence of the above-mentioned compounds, as well as significant amounts of long-chain alkanes and fatty acids identified by hyphenated GC-HRMS in N. The volumes were reduced to mL B.


Retrieved from ” https: Extensive regional droughts are already a major problem on all inhabited continents and severe regional droughts are expected to become an increasing and extended problem in the future.

File:Bromelia laciniosa (TS) 1-01086.jpg

The relative quantities of each compound were calculated based on the peak heights in the total ion chromatogram. Bromeliads are found in various tropical environments, like rain forests, dry savannas, and semi-arid regions. Flour made from the dried leaves is used to prepare a somewhat bitter tasting couscous. Cycloartane derivatives from Tillandsia usneoides.

Views Read Edit View history. In current literature, NMR spectroscopy has been successfully applied in the evaluation of metabolites of plant extracts NMR plant metabolomics [ 43 ]. Extracts have exhibited no signs of toxicity towards mice [ 20 ]; have been reported to exhibit antioxidant [ 2122 ], photoprotective [ 22 ], and anti-nociceptive activity in mice models [ 20 ]; gastroprotective activity in a mice model of gastric ulcer [ 23 ]; and antibacterial activity towards Gram-negative [ 1821 ] and Gram-positive bacteria [ 21 ].

Received Jun 30; Accepted Sep 2. Mechanical, morphological, and structural characteristics of caroa Neoglaziovia variegata fibers. National Center for Biotechnology InformationU. Overall, Bromelia laciniosa is a plant that is tailored for specific conditions and can be a valuable resource for a farmer.


Due to its biological traits, Bromelia laciniosa can propagate in climates with little moisture and low nutrient soils, which makes the plant an ideal crop for dry, semi-arid regions. Other Compounds The relatively common natural product phytol Figure 3 was identified in the crude extract from E. Studies on phenolic constituents from leaves of pineapple Ananas comosus China J.

Impacto da herbivoria por caprinos sobre as populacos naturais de Bromelia laciniosa mart.

A total of 13 natural products including six triterpenoids were identified from N. The authors are grateful to Centre for Pharmacy, University of Bergen, for financial lacijiosa. Mass spectral fragmentation patterns of individual compounds was compared with that of analogous standard compounds in NIST standard reference Mass Spectral library.

This allows for applications of bromelja broad selection of 2D NMR spectroscopic experiments, which are now accessible within an acceptable time scale lacinoisa approximately 15—30 min per experiment. Table 1 Compounds identified from hexane extracts of leaves of B.

Rapid and novel discrimination and quantification of oleanolic and ursolic acids in complex plant extracts using two-dimensional nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy-Comparison with HPLC methods. The quantitative amount of the two n -alkanes identified from all of the species seems to be largest in the crude extract from E. While all seven were detected in N. Antinociceptive effect of Encholirium spectabile: