Applies to the performance in flame-exposure tests of flame-resistant fabrics of natural, synthetic, or combinations of natural and synthetic fibres, or plastic films. ELECTRONIC DRAFT COPY. CAN/ULC-S Flame Resistance of “FR NAVY” Fabric. A Report To: Safety Components Incorporated. Comparing CAN/ULC-S and NFPA – looking at the tests involved to better understand the requirements and methods.

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Pre-vacuuming or cleaning may be needed prior to application.

May be effective over scenic paint, but must be tested for use with specific paint being used. Apply square feet per gallon to raw wood.

Canadian CAN/ULC-S

Periodic testing by a trained official should be performed to insure flame-retardant effectiveness. Spray all exposed surfaces. Available in all quantities. Polytests Services is the laboratory of choice for the production of fire-resistant and inflammable tests. It is recommended that all fabrics be dry-cleaned.

Other coatings, glue, etc. Any statement or recommendation not contained herein shall have no force or effect unless contained in an agreement signed by officers of seller and manufacturer. Do not add water or change chemical composition in any way.

We can help you with: We are an ISO certified lab. All surfaces must be free of dirt or coatings. Fire Retardants shall possess the desired degree of permanency and shall be maintained so as to retain the effectiveness of the treatment under the service conditions encountered in actual use.

Clean with soap and water all contacted areas. Fire Resistance and Flammability Tests.


Sizing, oil and dirt can also prevent absorption. Call physician if swallowed.

Users of this product must determine the suitability of this product for its intended use. Neither seller nor manufacturer shall be liable for any injury, ulc-z109 or damage, direct or consequential, arising out of the use of or inability to use the product.

Flame retardant for fabric, wood, and other decorative materials. Water based product, use caution when product comes in contact with metal as it may cause corrosion. Use only as directed.

We work in collaboration with you.

Flush eyes with chemical eye wash or flush eyes with cool water for at least 15 minutes. A fast and flexible service; A widely recognized report included in the test program; Protection in the form of the insurance coverage in the case of a problem with your product; The best value for money in that while conducting the study of the preliminary engineering on your file, we plan the tests program so as to minimize the number of tests required; Access to our laboratories during the tests — and you are welcome to witness the test if you so desire; Support on the part of our engineers in doing modifications and adjustments to improve the product.

Designed by Wakonda Marketing. Demonstrating that your product responds to requirements to meet certain standards or specifications; Measure significant parameters such as combustion temperature, product temperatures, etc.

Fire-poof is ready to use. Deterioration of coatings applied to interior finishes can occur due to cleaning, atmospheric and other conditions. Fire resistance and flammability tests Polytests Services is the laboratory of choice for the production of fire-resistant and inflammable tests. The user assumes all risk and liability whatsoever in connection therewith.


In calling on Polytests Services for the production of your tests, you will get: If irritation persists seek advice of a Physician.

Polytests Services has the capacity to test a range of products including: We issue engineering reports recognized throughout Quebec and Ontario. Do not use an airless sprayer as the pressure can atomize the product, which can prevent proper performance.

Shelf life, 5 years if unopened. Length of time may vary depending upon saturation capabilities. Sellers and Manufacturers only obligation shall be to replace such quantity of the product proved to be defective.

All wood must be free from coatings such as paint, sealant or dirt. Appearance – consistency and appearance of water.


M ay need to be submerged until positive results have been achieved. Recommend wear of chemical resistant gloves, goggles and N95 mask for protection. What are the u,c-s109 for submitting your product?

The issue is studied and a preliminary analysis is made The test plan is created The required samples are determined The product is then installed on the test bench The product is subjected to the test program The report is produced Contact us in order to share your needs with us so that we can help you to advance toward YOUR SOLUTION.

Always make sure cap stays on container. Keep out of reach of children. Flush sprayer and tips with warm water and wash hands with soap and water.