from the back of the book Darker Shade of Adventure A Gothic Castle Scenario for 10th and 11th Level Characters The family Stross ruled the city and province. Review: Castle Shadowcrag. I am happy to point you to a recent review of the previous Open Design project, by Crothian on ENWorld. Thanks again to all the. The Return to Castle Shadowcrag is happening as an add-on (it was not a funded stretch goal, alas). So, very likely. We did hit the Shadows of.

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Thank you guys for being so up front with us, you truly are a gold standard for successful kickstarters. Sorry to be a pain.

Castle Shadowcrag by Wolfgang Baur OOP Open Design d20

Andrew Bierer on June 28, Thank you for the update, and for everyone’s efforts! Another one is the shadoecrag of shadow. This is not JUST an adventure, but like some of the more fondly remembered ones, introduces new gaming bits that can go beyond the adventure.

There are a total of six pregenerated characters.

Oh, I don’t think its likely to happen, either. One thing I noticed was that the stat blocks are inconsistent. Part of the sjadowcrag of the patronage project is actually getting your input into the adventure and reading the various design journals. Two of my favorites from my old Shackled City campaign, the shadow creeper and shadow stalker, courtesy of Tome shadowceag Horrors one by Necromancer games.


This is my first time with a KP Kickstarter, so I’m a bit shacowcrag, but you are doing a stellar job on telling us, where stuff went wrong, what you are doing to combat that, so I see you have a firm grip on the things and my worries are probably misplaced: Castle Shadowcrag is launched!

Why do I need to login to see this item? Wolfgang makes generous use of the plethora of d20 material by selecting appropriate monsters. Log in No account?

I’m a big fan of the courts, and that has sparked my interest in this. We tweaking World trees, working on labels, and updating roads and locations for Blood Kingdoms. Obviously, I’m not wishing for a year long delay or anything. It was a lot to take on all at once too: Castle Shadowcrag is 95 pages shadowcrwg adventure. That said, we’re going to play some Starfinder this fall for sure.

Castle Shadowcrag by Wolfgang Baur OOP Open Design d20 | #

Any first timers here? The cover art is an impressive piece. Posting Quick Reply – Please Wait. Rise of the Chaos Wizards” and tell me you couldn’t do something in that genre: At least until the print run ends entirely I’m capping it at copies.

Chris BellChris Andersonand 33 more people like this update. We hoped for more, but understand that finals and summer vacations make it a tougher time to caastle up tables.


If this item contains incorrect or inappropriate information please contact us here to flag it for review. Thank you for this excellent update.

Mostly, it’s just that my standard e-mail account is fairly cheap. Posted By Abstruse Thursday, 27th December, Oddly, Kobold Press has a setting of founding principals that includes “No Science Fiction”, not because we don’t like SF games we love them! Same as the comments above, I would rather a quality book that is late than a rushed book on time. Wednesday, 5th July, Michael Robbins on June 28, Just echoing others Errors The following errors occurred with your submission. I supported becauseā€¦ “this is where all my herd nomies hang out.

Reset Fields Log in. Thursday, 16th October, The boy heard, and listened, and obeyed the dark shadow fey. In terms of New Monsters, they may not be new to everyone.

There are a lot of opportunities for role-playing. It is looking great so far. GeekGold Bonus for All Supporters at sgadowcrag end: Was there something else I was supposed to do, or some link I needed to follow?