Products 35 – 40 J Amateur Radio’s Technical Journal ;;} PO Box Farmingdale NY UHf $6. N $1 0 SU PER HOT! GaAs Fe! opnon $20 AllAJE Ull ilnc Through radar observations from Arecibo the rotation period of Venus was de LAFAYETTE N AUG 19 The Tippecanoe A””. Instrukcja obsÅ‚ugi. importer.

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Amateur Radio’s Technical Journal

Although the Yaesu has a separate de output on its connector that output cannot be used because it would require o ne more wire in the coiled cable. The strength of the received echo indicates that the nucleus has a diameter of about 2 miles. All those G points on the schematic mean that all grounds a re brought to a single point o n the chas sis. Acetone ;s serious stuff so use good ventilation avoid excess skin con near tact and don’t work open flames!

The relay automatically opens when the rig is in transmit mode. Hook a 9-volt supply to the power-input pad and grou nd a nd ve rify that the ci rcuit d raws about 2. The period-measurement function also measu res period average which is the period measured over 10 seconds.

Grounding is accom plished by running a single w ire from the common connection of the 78G the 78G is not insulated from the sink to the ground com mon point All ground connections are brought to t he common point usin g heavy w ire that is as short as poss ible.

Repeat CRT 12/24V Prezentacja Funkcje Praca by ARTURSSS – You2Repeat

The pres ident alill wishes 10 a ‘ lend a n nvlt” tion to a ll lor”lgn a utho. Workmen on the re flecting dish are using shoes whkh distribute their weight o ver a large area like snowshoes. Spenl less time on lhe air wlt il.


The light bulb is driven w ith a si gnal proportional to the oscillator’s output. Corpora tiun 73 Magazine. This is necessary on the 75fBO-meter band with some aerials e.

After the res ist is a pplied the boa rd can be processed using any of the sta nda rd techniques described in the ARRL Handbook a nd e lsewhere. Both ca pacito rs a re e lectrolvtics o r tantalurns a nd polarity must be as shown in the diagram.

That’s significa nt be cause it mean s the filt er stages don’t have to be held to tight freque ncy tolerance and so won’t require prec i sion pa rts.

The mike interface in the Yaesu FTR is completely differe nt. There are several reasons to consider us ing a battery instead of the ac supply. Small mistakes with the polish can be sc raped off with a pointed knife b lade. Therefore the prices listed will be dependent on the source and availability of each item. The circu its are relatively insensitive to d rift a nd the ceramic parts will work acceptably but they should not be your first pick if something else is availab le.

By way of fu rther ill ustration let us say that we wish to tune up at khz. The month is dry lor m e most pa rt n AplH t rains.

: Pictures, Manuals and Specifications of the Lafayette CB & Export Radios

Timing waveforms for Fig. The observatory is located about 6 m il es from the port city of Arec ibo.


Q21 and D O. All dimensions a re listed in the drawing.

This technique detects the reflection of man-made signa ls from objects in space. The ac line should be filtered and bypassed. The position of each panel can be accurately adjusted from underneath a nd this is done whenever a sufficie ntly large deviation from the ideal shape of the dish has been detected. The bridge can be mo unted on its own sink o r on an extension bolted to the pass sink. We also Suggesl Slopping unnecessary use of s pecial prefi.

The adjustable 1 vrms maximum aud io veuns is sufficient for d riving rigs having either high or low impedance inputs. Get your junk box. Another alte rnative is to bui ld the ac supply with iinstrukcja surplus wall-mount transfo rmer of the type used to power ca lcu lators.

With horizonlally poariled a ‘l l Or use t to generate any of the twelve tones for EMS use. Most commercial servi ce sho ps of that era used heterodyne frequency mete rs not counters. Our u nique tuning system displays both Ma rk and Space tones. MFJ Repeaters Stocked. A flip-flop F-F is essentially a 1-bit memory element There are severa l d ifferent ty pes of flip-fl ops but the type which concerns us here is the J-K flip-flop shown in Fig.