CCXML – or Call Control XML – is the W3C standard markup language for controlling CCXML Reference and Tutorial; VoiceGenie’s CCXML Tag Reference. CCXML – or Call Control XML – is the W3C standard markup language for controlling Aspect also provides a complete CCXML reference guide and tutorials. For additional support telephone numbers, see the Avaya Web site: http://support. 2 Avaya CCXML User Guide. August

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The implementation MUST as a minimum, note the values provided via the srcnamelistand connectionid attributes, create a Dialog object, and return a new unique value to the location defined by the dialogid attribute. This corresponds roughly to a “call leg” as the term is used informally.

A platform operational error has occurred on the connection; no further events, including events for any pending requests, will be generated. However, if the CCXML implementation were to optimize this into a single ecmascript chunk you may get something like the following scriptlet: For example, an implementation might only update the current Connection states when a CCXML program evaluates the variable during execution time versus continually updating the Connection states inside ECMAScript scope as state changes.

The identifier of the conference to which the dialog connection is bridged usually the conferenceid that was specified in the dialogstart or dialogprepare. It is designed to be suitable for running on a server where users may not be allowed to execute arbitrary programs, and so is not Turing-complete. If the call was successfully placed, the transition block can also initiate a dialog interaction with the called party.


Introduction to CCXML, Part II

The initial version number must be 1. The picture below illustrates the media streams associated with the Connection c1. This is called document initialization.

A string in CSS2 format that specifies the maximum amount of time the transfer may stay connected. A tktorial of the reason the tjtorial failed. A URI describing the destination to which this call must be transferred.

The following values must be used: The ” createsession ” processor is intended as a minimal interoperable mechanism to allow external components to create new sessions in CCXML 1.

The ECMAScript object returned contains information which may be used by the implementing platform for implementing the dialog operation. As such, a session cannot bridge a Media Endpoint that it owns to a Media Endpoint that is owned by another session, nor can it establish a bridge between two Media Endpoints owned by another session.

An ECMAScript expression which ccx,l a string that is the identifier of the first connection that is to be merged. These events are detailed tutoral section 9.

VoiceXML and CCXML Developer Site

CCXML defines a number of elements, specified in detail in section The usage of label is platform-dependent. CCXML can generate arbitrarily-named events.


Signaling System 7 [ SS7 ]. If a delay is specified, the event is not delivered to the target CCXML session until the delay time has elapsed.

Properties ccxmp from the dialog processor relating to the dialogs transfer request. An example of this would be: Platforms MUST use the following list when available. If the event targettype specified is not supported the platform MUST throw a error. When each one of ttuorial joins the conference he is told how many people are there in the conference and those already in the conference are informed about a new entrant to the conference.

CCXML may also receive events from Connection and Conference Objects, in the case of line signaling, line-status informational messages, or error and tuforial scenarios. Today This Week All-Time.

Eventsand This enhances the functionality and interoperability of the Web. All Connection instances have a set of properties in common, shown in the following table. A failed createcall must return the connection. If the dialog was prepared without a conference, the value must be undefined.