ITC e-Choupal and Saagar. 1. ITC – e ChoupalA Comparative Study; 2. E – Choupal (June ) An initiative of ITC Limited to link directly. ITC Choupal Saagar in Itarsi is a top company in the category Supermarkets, also known for Coconut Retailers, Betel Nut Retailers, Mixed Pickle Retailers. Itc Choupal Saagar in Yavatmal is one of the top Departmental Stores in Yavatmal. Visit Justdial for Address, Contact Number, Reviews & Ratings, Photos , Maps.

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It was soft-launched on 15 August.

Thanks to the information revolution catalysed by the chaupals, says a former ITC-IBD international business division employee, farmers are beginning to hold their stocks, knowing that there is an advantage in selling later.

It is interesting to watch them in the middle of their shopping experience – picking up FMCGs, biscuits, toothpastes and the like.

My Wish list – Add products to your wish list with just one tap. Interarch specialized in setting up types of modular buildings that were easily manufactured as per requirement of site within 1 week and shipped to site, assembled and finished in remote locations. This is generating awareness, says the company’s choupak general manager, N. Interarch expertise in the sector of Rural Retail.

On the day before we visited the store, a Sunday, about people had walked xhoupal the store. No more than that. To solve a similar problem in reach, Eicher Tractors evolved a rental model. But the farmers will come here only after every harvest.


Bug fixes Performance Improvements. Now, by setting up the mall next to the warehouse, ITC is trying to monetise the footfalls from farmers. On weekdays, footfalls were ranging around Jump to Top Navigation. It is hard to get the vhoupal costly products, like energy-saving bulbs, placed in the village sagaar.

If they find these attractive, they sell their produce to ITC. Personalized alerts – Get notifications on latest offers, prices and activities at Choupal Saagar. Other parcels of land have been earmarked for pesticide and fertiliser companies for demonstrating their products.

Listen to Rajesh Nigodia.

Have a wonderful shopping experience. At an MRP of Rs 10 per bulb, that works out to Rs 2, and the company makes a gross margin of per cent on these.

Their knowledge of warehousing and rural retail and their precision in execution has been brought to the forefront through their exceptional work for Chaupal Sagar and Haryali Kisaan Bazaar. On their part, the sanchalaks either sell the goods directly, or, more often, sell them to the village’s shopkeepers. A petrol pump is coming up as well. It works like this. If you find this information useful, please send us your feedback at: Then, plots of land have been earmarked to display large agricultural machinery like threshers.

Harayaali Kisaan Bazaar is a chain of centres across the rural landscape of the country aimed at triggering a qualitative improvement in Indian agriculture. A lot is riding on how well ITC has gauged the rural consumer’s buying patterns. At 7, square feet, it is too small to be a mall. ITC is offering a very compelling proposition to these companies. Now, how does the mall change this equation?


ITC unveils Choupal Sagar expansion plan

We are available on phone number provided or you can send us the mail directly from app. Press Report Back to Press Reports. They are too costly, and block up too much of the village kirana’s working capital. And that is why Chaupal Sagar is an important experiment. Walk into the building and the first thing you notice is the high ceiling. It is simple arithmetic. As such, Chaupal Sagar is one of the first organised retail forays into the hinterland.

Most of the brands it sells are national. Riding on its own distribution network, it had reached all Indian villages with a population of 20, but could not go any deeper. Assume, says Nandkishore, that a village needs bulbs.

ITC plans ‘Choupal Sagar’ hypermarts for rural India

Experience our range of merchandise on your mobile and have a look at products from range of categories like Apparels, Kitchenware, Luggage, Shoes, Electronics, Grocery, Household items, Petroleum products, etc.

Early last week, when BW travelled to Rafiqganj, only the mall chou;al up. It gave about 50 tractors to the sanchalaks, who in turn lease them out to farmers. According to BW sources, so far, the store has done OK.