ProwessIQ: Contents Overview. Query Trigger Names, No. of Indicators/Filters. Registration. Register to access all CMIE services. A single one-time. Prowess is a database of the financial performance of companies. Annual Reports of companies, stock exchanges and regulators are the principal sources of.

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Query 37,Related Party Transactions: Progress of rabi sowing disappoints. Annual finance 3, 49,Financial Statements – Combined: Look forward to raise governance standards, promote ease of doing business in Centre for Monitoring Indian Economy Pvt.

Banks credit growth accelerates with new NPA possibilities. Overfirms struck off for not carrying out business activities for long time: The economy is slowing down. It leverages the rich disclosure requirements mandated in India. Downloads of source documents interim results, ratings rationales and annual report extracts are part of the service. Prowess dx delivers financial performance data and markets data. Potential unemployment rate 8.

Prowess dx delivers data for over 40, Indian companies.

Govt aims to bring untaxed sectors under tax net: Financial Statements – Combined: Interim Budget to serve as govt’s economic vision document. ProwessIQ provides charting tools and well-formatted reports on performances of companies.


Prowess dx is a delivery of the Prowess database that is specially designed for cie. ProwessIQ is an interactive querying system to find companies from the Prowess database.

By Geography – Annual Financials. Kharif farm income to recover in It is simple and easy to use. Download your ProwessIQ user interface for querying the Prowess database of financial performance of companies.

National mission for sustainable agriculture lacks focus on farmers: ProwessIQ provides time-series data from It consists of a client software that provides an interface to construct and submit queries over the internet to the Prowess database and receive answers to the queries from the database.

Annual Reports of companies, stock exchanges and regulators are the principal sources of the data. Advanced Query 37,Interim Financial Statements: Query 17 3, Index Numbers: Some MSME promoters bid for their own company.

Prowsss of each of the Query Triggers can be easily combined with those of others.


It contains time-series data since ProwessIQ keeps your files and formulae safe and secure. The fisc needs a credible fix. ProwessIQ database can be accessed from anywhere. The database contains information on all listed companies and a larger set cmis unlisted companies.


Rabi production to be lower than last year’s record level.

CMIE User Registration Site

Centre for Monitoring Indian Economy Pvt. All queries in ProwessIQ aim at finding companies that match a given set of search conditions. All Subsidiaries 3 9, 65, Subsidiaries: Query 37,Related Party Sum of Transaction: The financial markets flutter. Govt to set up panel to monitor DFI implementation soon. There are over 3, data-fields per company in the Prowess database. The Prowess database consists of the financial performance of Indian companies.

Query 10,Interim Financial Statements: ProwessIQ accesses this updated Prowess database. Request for Subscription India Prowess dx. Prowess dx is a special delivery of the famous Prowess database with a user-interface that is designed for the academic research community.