Today’s summary consists of one of the love stories from a collection of 27 short stories packed in the book “Cocktail” written by Vikram Karve. I have written a book of short stories called COCKTAIL. The twenty-seven stories in this collection explore fascinating aspects of modern day relationships – love. Cocktail- Short stories by Vikram Karve. BOOK REVIEW OF COCKTAIL by Vivek Banerjee First and foremost, three cheers for APK Publishers.

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An avid blogger, he has written a large number of fiction short stories, creative non-fiction articles on a variety vkiram topics including food, travel, philosophy, academics, technology, management, health, pet parenting, teaching stories and self help in magazines and published a large number of professional research papers in journals and edited in-house journals and magazines for many years, before the advent of blogging.

Trying to escape from reality, he drank quite a lot — almost the whole bottle of whisky. Short Stories About RelationshipsAuthor: Jun 10, Posted by Vikram Karve on March 29, at 6: Email required Address never made public.

Cocktail by Vikram Karve – APK Publishers –

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Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Some stories do not work that well Every dog has his day is corny, Electrophoresis is plain silly but none of them marve be called bad.

That does not mean that the book is not an enjoyable read. Upload Photos Upload photo files with.

He tried to prepare the lecture but could not concentrate. The thought of traveling, facing so many people at the seminar and delivering the lecture — all these induced a strange fear in him.

He had internalized his feelings to such an extent that he had even become a victim of agoraphobia — a fear of being in open or public places. Bibliotherapy Heritage Cuisine – Misal Pune: Short Stories about Relationships Foodie Book: The twenty seven stories traverse familiar ground, invoking in the reader feelings as diverse as joy, pathos and at times amusement. EnglishDo try out this delicious, heady and Enter your email address.

pdf | Vikram Karve

He was scared of leaving his home, afraid of even going to his office and meeting his colleagues. Vikram has taught at a University as a Professor for almost 14 years and now teaches as a visiting faculty cockhail devotes most of his time to creative writing.


Upload Menus Upload menu files with. There is a technical seminar in Chennai next week. To get hold of yourself. Actually relation ship is very important in our lifeNow a days many of people they neglate their family for selfish lifeBut parents are very important their sacrefise their life to childrens but some of the childrens are by eatning a lot of money they dont want any family relation ev What you need is break, a change of scene.

Cocktail by Vikram Karve

Vikram lives in Pune India with his family and muse – his pet dog Sherry with whom he takes long walks thinking creative thoughts. Cancel reply Cocktzil your comment here Thank you for sharing the requirements with us.

Little realizing that it was he who had seen her off. There were no survivors. About The Author amrutdeshmukh. He was overcome by phobia. Vikram has taught at a University as a Professor for 15 years and now teaches as a visiting faculty and cockttail most of his time to creative writing and blogging.