Blackness, Colorism, and Epidermalization of Inferiority in Zora Neale Hurston’s Color Struck: A Fanonian Reading of the Play. Article (PDF Available) · January. She treats them poorly solely for the color of their skin and because it produced (according to Zora Neale Hurston: Collected Plays edited by. Color Struck. A Play in Four Scenes. Time: Twenty years ago and present. Place: .A Southern City. JOHN- A light brown-skinned The Man. EMMALINE- A Black.

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It is the doctor White. Emma Getz rated it hursston it Oct 05, Jes rest easy-them Augustiners aint gonna smell it. Project MUSE promotes the creation and dissemination of essential humanities and social science resources through collaboration with libraries, publishers, and scholars worldwide. Take one of these every hour and try to get some sleep. You’se better than Emma any day in de week. Emma is plagued by colorism —intra-racial racism—which causes her to be jealous of light-skinned Black people and despise her own Blackness.

Gives her a drink. You know what they say! She rushes to open it.

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The hand on the seat touches her shoulder and she thrusts it away. Strike a light honey so I can see you-see if you changed much. Shadows seen on curtain. By using this site, you agree to sstruck Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Color Struck

I seen you looking jes lake a possum. Looka here, where’s Sam at? Turning back to the bed. You gointer be happy now, Emma. We are waiting for the couple from Jacksonville-Jacksonville! Ah wants de floor cleared, cause de representatives of de several cities will be announced an’ we wants ‘ern to take de floor as their names is called.

She sounds pretty bad – takes out his wallet and hands her a bill get a taxi if necessary. Les’ everybody eat-motion’s done carried. De darker de berry, de sweeter de taste! Rather than staging the color-complex as a unilateral dynamic in which lightskinned blacks reject and separate themselves from their darker brethren the narrative of the “uppity” light-skinned blackHurston dramatizes the fact that color prejudice takes many forms.


Color Struck by Zora Neale Hurston

If she don’t like it she can lump it. What’s our daughter’s name?

It was Emmaline nearly made us get left. The doctor remonstrates Emma for not having come earlier, an hour would have made all the difference. Emma, run on after strcuk doctor, honey. He whirls her around and around. Ah-Ah aint gonna bite mah tongue! She, won’t need nothing while I’m gone, John.


Naw, youse jus’ hog-wile ovah coloe cause she’s half-white! The play’s title focuses on colorismthe idea that people in the black community were judged based on the hue of their skin. Couples take yo’ places!

Git yo’ partners one an’ all for de gran’ march! She proffers it with a timid smile to Emma who “freezes” up instantly.

Color Struck – Wikipedia

Gee, you was sweet! Naw, you done ruint mah appetite now, carryin’ on wid dat punkin-colored ole gal. When she sees John at the bed she is fz fury. Matt Miles marked it as to-read Dec 21,