Software Engineering CS notes. Anna University Fifth semester Third Year lecture Notes for Software Engineering CS SE free pdf!. Semester:Semester (V). Content: CS/CS51/ CS Software Engineering Notes CSE 5th SEM Regulation Subject code: CS/CS51/ cs software engineering lecture notes have been updated!! 2marks and 16 mark important questions with answer!!

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Ed Admission for academic year B.

CS6403 SE Notes, SOFTWARE ENGINEERING Lecture Notes – CSE 4th SEM Anna University

softwrae Sometimes organizational quality standard may not be strictly applied. Data modeling makes use of the ERD. Here only the document processing facilities are available.

Creating a control lectuure model which describes the structural connection of. System may have to coexist with alternative systems for some period. The principal objective of this model is to validate or to derive the system requirements. System requirements definition Three types of requirements Abstract functional requirements. Each bubbles can be refined at Layers to depict more details. Umbrella activities Software project tracking and control Risk management Software quality assurance Formal technical reviews Software configuration management Work product preparation and production Reusability management.


The principal objective of this model is to deliver the working system to the end-user. Total quality management, Six Sigma, and similar lecyure foster a continuous process improvement culture, and it is this culture that ultimately leads to the development engineerkng increasingly more effective approaches to software engineering.

There may be human resistance to the introduction of anew system. Initial — Few processes are defined and individual efforts are taken. Drawbacks It is based on customer communication.

Explain in detail about data modeling. There may arise some physical installation problems e.


Modality of a relation is 0 if there is no explicit relationship or relation is optional. Tamil Nadu Government School Students achieved in System Decommissioning Taking the system out of service after its useful lifetime is called as System Decommissioning.

Level 1 DFD contains 5 or 6 bubbles.

Anna University Department of Civil Engineering B. Modules are integrated by moving downward through the control hierarchy beginning with the main control module main program. Alagappa Engineering College Admission for Repeatable — To track cost schedule and functionality basic project management processes are established. When tools are integrated so that information created by one tool can be used by another, a system for the support of software development, called computer-aided software engineering, is established.


System objectives System requirement problem. System evolution The lifetime of large systems is too long. Maintenance is an activity by which the software product can be maintained. Task Sets Defines the actual work to achieve the software objective.

CS Software Engineering Lecture Note – RMD Edition

Subordinate modules are incorporated by depth-first or breadth-first manner. Optimizing — Establish mechanisms to plan and implement change. Creating a data flow model using the guidelines. The system design process Process steps Partition requirements Identify sub-systems.

Explain iterative waterfall and spiral model for software life cycle and various activities in each phase. Explain about rapid prototyping techniques.