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In most studies the methodology used to study growth in relation to breastfeeding patterns cannot ensure that exclusive breastfeeding has in fact occurred since birth. The...

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Non professional sperm drinking

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Perinatal characteristics, neonatal risk factors and socio-economics did not predict cluster group membership. Six months post-intervention, incident rate ratios of violent events were significantly lower on intervention units compared with controls incident rate ratio [IRR] 0.

Syftet med förstudien är att kartlägga vilka modeller för hälsokommunikation som prövats i Sverige, framförallt inom etableringen, och erfarenheterna av dessa.

However, having an advantaged situation with regard to school, peers, or spare time appeared to protect against the detrimental influences of disadvantaged circumstances in the family context on subsequent health. In this study we aimed to assess the impact of overweight duration and intensity in older adults on the risk of developing different forms of cancer. Transitional breast milk was collected from 40 mothers delivering after  weeks of gestation, and from 12 mothers delivering after full term.

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