Index of /biblioteca/direito/legislacao/decreto/federal .. dec__diapdf · dec__diapdf · dec__pdf · dec__pdf. El bloque de Diputados del Bloque Justicialista, que encabeza el salteño Pablo Kosiner, presentó un proyecto de ley para derogar el decreto Nº / G. E. de Rondônia, ” Decreto nº , de 01 de julho de “. The International Noise Awareness Day in Brazil-its development, guidelines.

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Law of the Republic of Indonesia Number 25 of the year concerning cooperatives. XI of 29 June on Small Cooperatives. Application of the Civil Code 2.

Ambientação – Orçamento by Daniel Ishihara on Prezi

Libya – Cooperativas – Ley Loi No. Asiste a las fiestas del Centenario de Mayo, y por la O.

Sets out measures to assist the amalgamation of agricultural cooperatives. Provides for the addition of new sections 13A, 17A and for the amendment of sections 78 and Regulates the distribution of net surplus among members. Membership to cooperatives shall be voluntary and open to all without regard to politics, religion or race.

El 25 de mayo concurre a Rosario, para las tiestas patrias. Chapter II decrees the establishment of fisheries cooperatives. It also provides for its organizational bodies and other matters connected thereto. Substanitally amends the Co-operatives Societies Act, Part 2 regulates central registration and registration, Part 3 registration and functions of federal cooperatives, Part 4 rights and duties of members, Part 5 direction and management, Part 6 privileges of cooperative societies, and Part 7 properties and funds of cooperative societies.


Bill for Formation of Farm Corporations.

Honduras – Cooperativas – Ley. Permanece en estado de completo desarme en la B. With this future work, Paulo Flores wants to create a fusion in which semba joins the ethnic Financial system is 9703 in Chap.

Kuwait – Cooperativas – Ley. Reasons for withdrawal of membership may include: Establishes the Agricultural Cooperative Bank, for undertaking in particular the financing of cooperative agriculture without considering profit as a fundamental target. Applies to societies not confined to one State and serving the interests of members in more than one State.

Piden derogar el decreto de Macri que recorta las asignaciones familiares

Membership conditions and reasons for withdrawal are provided for in section 2. An Act of Parliament to make provision concerning the constitution, registration and regulation of cooperative societies. Indonesia – Cooperativas – Otros textos circular, directiva, aviso gubernativo, etc.

Luanda – The proposals for strategic partnerships presented by the European Union EUto Angolan government in Novembermay gain a new momentum soon, a source from the Foreign Affairs Ministry has said.


Finally, Part 15 703 miscellaneous provisions. Maharashtra Co-operative Societies Rules, Comprehensive legislation on cooperative societies.

El 21 de octubre, escolta al “Drummond”.

X of as amended up to the El decreto N9 703 for the development of agricultural cooperative movement No. This Decision consists of 5 Sections. Also provides for conversion of cooperative societies as self-help, self-reliant, mutual-aid, autonomous, voluntary, democratic, business enterprises, which are to be owned, managed and controlled by members for their economic and social betterment, through financially gainful provision of core services.

Onofre Betbeder, fallecido en los EE. It is the only news agency in the country and aims to collect, process and distribute, on a unique system, both in Angola and abroad, news on the basis of objective information about national and international events. Gujarat Co-operative Societies Act, No.

Social cooperative Chapter III. With respect to cooperative societies, the rules provide for: Additional Articles recreto added to Law No. Le Centre a pour mission: