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What is the need for pre-amplifier? How EMG is recorded? Based on the placement of the pacemaker, there are two types as external pacemaker and internal pacemaker. Epilepsy is a system for brain damage. It deals with the recording and study of electrical activity of the brain.

Flame photometer is used to analyze urine or blood in order to determine the concentration of potassium Ksodium Nacalcium Caand lithium Li. How to Take Screenshot in Samsung J1. The skeleton consists of bones. Discuss about PCO2 electrode.

EC Medical Electronics MJ Question Paper | Knowledge Adda

This may be due to defects in the birth delivery or head injury during accident or boxing. I Question Paper Course: You can here download question papers fr This process is known as defibrillation.

Based on the placement of ec221 pacemaker, how we are classifying it? Surface electrodes are used to measure the potentials available from the surface of the skin and are used to sense the potentials from heart, brain and nerves. They are eye, nose, ear, tongue and skin. The minimum energy required to excite the heart muscle is about 10 joules.


The outlines of the blood vessels also visible in angiogram. These are also called as intracellular electrodes. What are tachycardia and bradycardia? What is meant by defibrillation?

Anna University Department of Civil Engineering B. The tumor displaces, the cortex, and if it is large enough, the electrical activity will be absent in that part of hemisphere, since no electric potentials originate in the tumor itself. How the leads taken in bipolar limb leads? List the characteristics of resting potential. How the heart muscle can be stimulated? In the case of off-line analysis, the input equipment system is used to prepare data for further analysis using computers which may be located at the same location of the input or remote.

Twelve lead selections are required to record the electrocardiogram. Heart sounds are acoustic phenomena resulting from the vibrations of cardiac structures. It is a piece of platinum wire embedded in an insulating glass electrinics with the end of wire.

EC2021 Medical Electronics MJ2014 Question Paper

It consists of water, electrolytes, proteins, lipids and carbohydrates. Artificial respiration should be applied to the patient, whenever respiration is suspended due to reasons like gas poisoning, electric shock electronica.

F ourth heart sound: So that the receptor neuron is more likely to discharge and produces a spike potential. A bronchospirometer is a dual Spirometer that measures the volumes and capacities of each lung individually. List the electroncs codes used for identifying ECG potentials. What are brain tumors? X-ray images developed by fluorescent principle and photoelectric effect on the fluorescent screen.


Give the origin of heart sounds. The leakage current is also reduced by proper grounding. Define absolute refractory period. It is the sum of vital capacity and residual volume. What is the need for ventilator? List the uses of surface electrodes.

The amount of degradation of the signal can be defined in terms of the noise figure. There are five sense ev2021 of the body. For what purpose condenser microscope is used in ECG recording set up? Isolation amplifier is used to increase the input impedance of the monitoring system in order to isolate the patient from the biomedical instrument. Cardiac output is the amount of blood delivered by the heart to the aorta per minute.

Draw the waveforms generated in a medical stimulator. They are also used to determine the oxygen tension or carbon dioxide tension in the blood. Define transmittance and absorbance. When the cell is said to be polarized? Normal diastolic pressure ranges from 60 to 90 mmHg.