2 Heavy Concerns about ECE-R 64 with TPMS –The ECE R64 is about temporary use spare wheels / tires. It is not made to specify TPMS. –There are two. R Temporary use spare unit, run flat tyres, run flat system and tyre http:// ECE R Supplement 2 Temporary use spare wheels/tyres, run flat tyres, run flat system and tyre pressure monitoring system.

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Model B See Paragraph 4.

ECE regulations: ECE R Supplement 1

The road surface shall be dry ecee testing. Inflate all of the vehicle’s tyres to the vehicle manufacturer’s recommended cold inflation pressure. The Administrative Department shall verify the existence of satisfactory arrangements for ensuring effective control of the conformity of production before type approval is granted.

The approval number indicates that the approval was granted in accordance with the requirements of Regulation No.

No, there are not. Specifications and Tests 6. If it is possible to attach a wheel cover to the temporary-use spare unit, the distinctive colour or colour pattern shall net be obscured by this wheel cover.

Within the 5min of completing the learning phase, measure the warm pressure of the tyre s to be deflated. This requirement does not apply to tell-tales shown in a common space.

If the warning performance of indirect measuring systems is as good as that of those measuring directly, and so at incomparably more favourable prices, why are the expensive direct measuring systems still on the market? With the vehicle in the normal use condition, simulate a Run-Flat Warning System failure. A dce installation into a vehicle is not yet possible.

We use cookies to enhance site functionality and personalisation. If the low tyre pressure signal did not illuminate, discontinue the test. After not less than 20min and not more than 40 minutes bring the vehicle to a complete standstill with the engine switched off and the ignition key removed for not less than 1 eve or more than 3min.


For vehicles having at least four wheels, the load capacity of the temporary-use spare unit shall be at least equal to one half of the highest of the maximum axle loads of the vehicle; if its use is restricted to a specific axle mentioned in the instructions in Paragraph 6.

Following a stabilisation period of between 2 and 5min the pressure P shall be rechecked and adjusted if necessary. Penalties for Non-conformity of Production The test shall be performed when there is no wind liable to affect the results. The warning signal must be visible even by daylight; the satisfactory condition of the signal must be easily verifiable by the driver from the driver’s seat. In the vast majority of cases mobility will be maintained, therefore. Warnair of the latest generation can do so by means of a spectral analysis of the tyre properties.

Frequently asked questions about DUNLOP TECH Warnair

In the case of N Category vehicles approved to Regulation No. Why are tire pressure monitoring systems so valuable for motorists? It may be a: Trade name or mark of the vehicle: Reset the system in accordance with the instructions of the vehicle manufacturer. Test Weight The vehicle may be tested at any condition of load, the distribution of the mass among the axles being that stated by the vehicle manufacturer without exceeding any of the maximum permissible mass for each axle.

Which of the systems is more reliable in practice? Road Test Surface The road shall have a surface affording good adhesion.

If the warning signal as required in Paragraph 2. Some customers wish to have the tyre pressure value indicated on the dashboard or that tyre pressure monitoring is effected by the system even when the vehicle is stationary, neither of which comfort features is fulfilled by an indirect system.

Test procedures for detecting a failure of the Ecw Warning System 2. Tire pressure warning system Weiter. Under normal conditions, both systems function well.


All the relevant requirements shall be met for both test speeds. When tested to this procedure, the TPMS shall illuminate the warning signal described in Paragraph 5. Detection for a tyre pressure level significantly below the recommended pressure for optimum performance including fuel consumption and safety diffusion test.

By continuing to browse the site you are agreeing to our privacy and cookie policy. Contact Visit us at: The tyre pressure monitoring systems of the new generation in conformity with the law acc. Application for Approval 4. Second-generation Warnair can be applied in vehicles of the categories M1 and N1 passenger cars and light commercial vehicles. Does the European ECE-R64 regulation stipulate whether the tyre pressure monitoring system has to be direct or indirect?

Our fast and easy means of purchasing up-to-date global vehicle and component standards and regulations on a pay-as-you-go basis. Any tyre pressure monitoring system fitted on a vehicle shall comply with the requirements of Regulation No. Evidence of compliance with the legal requirements regarding diffusion detection has been provided both under North American and European test conditions. Confirmation or refusal of approval, specifying the alterations, shall be notified by the procedure specified in Paragraph 4.

Upper case letters shall be at least 5mm high and the numbers “” and “75” shall be at least 20mm high with the elements that make up each character of the number at least 3mm line thickness.

In many cases it is a standard component of the vehicle equipment, albeit sometimes for a small additional charge. After a 5min period, reactivate the vehicle’s ignition locking system to the ”On” ”Run” position. The vehicle shall be brought to a halt and the ignition switched off.