: El quinto siervo (Spanish Edition) () by Kenneth Wishnia and a great selection of similar New, Used and Collectible Books. A brilliantly imagined, beautifully written combination of scrupulously researched historical novel and riveting suspense thriller, Kenneth Wishnia’s The F. In , as the Catholic and Protestants battle for control of the soul of Europe, Prague is a safe harbor in the religious storm. The city is a refuge for Jews, but.

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El quinto siervo – A01, Kenneth Wishnia – Google Books

There was simply too much going on. The story is essentially a private eye story transplanted into an archaic setting. Finally, who doesn’t like a good golem story? There is great insight on how Jews were persecuted and the struggles they faced. It also leaves a number of loose ends hanging, although Wishnia tries to tie up the most obvious ones in the final pages.

Anya is a Christian woman, the daughter of a butcher. There is one divorce, a Judeo-Christian marriage, a witch hunt, a whore with a golden heart, and much time spent in prayer and discussion of the Talmud. Write a customer review. The book is rich with Jewish culture and the tensions between Jews and Christians. Suddenly it is on his shoulders to find out what really happened, prove that it was not a blood crime, and save the ghetto from complete destruction by the angry mobs outside the gates.

I found it to be none of the above.

The Fifth Servant

Kenneth Wishnia has written five previous mysteries under the name K. It’s also a brutally honest look at European history during the late s. Now where this story didn’t really grab me was in the mystery side. The language is relatively modern, but the author makes an argument about this by talking about old tales written in Yiddish that e colloquial qjinto very modern in their sound. Apr 22, Brian Maicke rated it really liked it Shelves: Protestants are sort of caught in the middle, enjoying a tentative peace with the Jewish merchants with whom they do business.


Jan 15, Keith rated it liked it. Acusados por calumnia, el tendero y su familia son arrestados. Desperately pleading their innocence, Ben-Akiva is given three days to find the actual killers ,enneth prevent a pogrom of retribution. All that may be forced to change when the body of a young Christian girl with her throat slashed is found in a Jewish shop on the eve of Passover.

Now I know most people wouldn’t notice or care about that, but I found myself getting annoyed at times. A lot of the story is depressing and rather difficult to get through, though probably realistic for Jews in that time and place, and the conclusion was a bit abrupt. The punchline, when we finally find the killers and have the chance to bring them to justice The story follows Benyamin’s investigation as he is forced to race against the clock to try and save not only the accused, but the entire Jewish community from a violent uprising.

One aspect I appreciated about The Fifth Servant was the surprising sense of humour, particularly when it came to jokes about faith and religion between the various Rabbis and other individuals. There are no discussion topics on this book yet.

Jan 25, Shannon rated it it was ok. It is not an easy read however as Wishnia not only splatters his prose with phrases from Hebrew, Yiddish, Czech and German but also includes some theological discussion that may be hard to follow for those unfamiliar with the Talmud or the competing medieval Christian theologies. The shopkeeper and his family are arrested, but more is at stake than menneth their freedom as the Christians may use this The Fifth Servant by Kenneth Wishnia is a complex historical fiction murder mystery, taking place in in Prague where Jews take refuge within the gated walls of a ghetto in one of the few places they are actually allowed to live.

While the book is quonto mystery it is not formulaic and uses a new and unique voice which examines the ancient Jewish quuinto like the bible, Talmud, Torah, Kabbalah and to my joy The Book of Zohar to tell the story. In particular, I think the wuinto pages could have le trimmed down slightly as it took quite awhile to actually get into the story. The whole story spins into a maelstrom of riots, blood lot of blood! Wishnia expertly mixes detailed history with modern irreverence.


That dedication to research is also its greatest weakness. Alegando la inocencia del tendero al wshnia de la ciudad, Benjamin se da tres dias para llevar al asesino ante la justicia verdadera.

Benyamin still has hope that he could win her back. Holy Week and Eastertide were especially risky, and a gambling man would say that we were long overdue for keneth Jew-hatred. Jan 02, Thomas S rated it really liked it.

From Adam to Frankenstein, qjinto the first single-celled life form, from the unfertilized sierrvo, the mystery of life coming from non-life fascinates. Jan 09, Hermien rated it liked it Wisbnia Refresh and try again. It took a while to get into the flow of the novel. So the book is not only entertaining, but outright educational.

Mar 18, Cyndi rated it really liked it Shelves: The constant tension between Jews and non-Jews was palpable in 16th century Prague.

The story was well paced and kept me interested throughout. I think an actual book may have been better as I could have looked up all the Jewish words and phrasing more easily in the glosery. This book simply has a lot of everything. I read this book mostly because David Liss blurbed the back cover and I am a big fan of his historical fiction.

I started out liking it but liked it less and less as I went along until at the kenneyh, it was all I could do to finish it. Fortunately, the shammus is a budding detective and starts investigating.

He is a newcomer who hasn’t yet proven his value.