to designers’ needs and now makes available a catalogue on DVD with CAD 2D and. 3D drawings of all its products. General index. ELESA+GANTER is the name of the commercial joint-venture between the two world leaders in the design and manufacture of standard machine elements. Search in Ganter catalogs and technical brochures on DirectIndustry and find the information you need in 1 click.

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The plastic base on the clamping knob should never rest on the clamping surface. As a general rule, chemical resistance decreases as the working temperature and mechanical stresses to which the product is subjected increase. High-resilience polypropylene based PP technopolymer. The switching angle see Built-in safety switch functioning and maintenance is guaranteed from this position.

Fit the handle onto slight chamfered shaft end and push as far as possible by hand or by means of a small press. Ball mounted, sealed 2RSpermanent lubrication.

It is an element of hygiene, since in accidental opening case of doors, protection of machines, or doors of hygiene in machines or equipment of production, automatically short the supply of electricity of the machine, protecting the integrity of the operario. Cqtalogue transmit following info catallogue we will reply with your login asap. Glass-fibre reinforced polypropylene or with mineral fillers.

For an indication of the mechanical strength of components moulded with the plastics listed above,see chapter 4. An additional graduated scale next to the last decimal digit offers further accuracy of reading. Glass-fiber reinforced polyamide based PA techno polymer. Not suitable for adjusting bolts or screws.

Ganter has designed and manufactured standard machine elements for more than years. Die-cast zinc alloy, epoxy resin coating. The manufacturing process bending allows the production of special lengths in relatively small quantities. The gganter of these holes is normally grade H7, but in a few cases it is grade H9. Chromium-plated zinc alloy die-cast.


This series of fold-away handles has been designed for all those applications for which, owing to lack of space or for safety reasons, the handle must be folded-away once the operation has been completed. The sheet metal punch GN is recommended for small series and sheet metal with a thickness of below 2 mm.

DINbut also with any commercial wood or sheet metal countersunk screws. To be performed in accordance with the instructions given above. The mean values of the torque C, obtained in the breaking tests are shown in the tables for the various components and expressed in [Nm].

Anodised aluminium self-adhesive front plate. This primary process may be followed by secondary operations such as machining, finishing, assembly, decoration to customize the product tampoprintingpackaging to guarantee adequate protection during transportation and identification of the product.

They offer a high load carrying capacity and they are tested to meet safety standards safety factor 4. These element are made of a wide variety of different metallic materials and by applying a unique variety of manufacturing methods and surface treatments. End of threaded studs. Provided with the supply, press-fit assembly, removable by pressing on the outer edge ELESA original design. Sign In Create Account. They have minimal play and are long lasting.

Download Catalog [DIN ]. Hub with ball bearings.

A distribution network with local stock, provides all customers services in addition to professional technical advice. All moving parts lubricated with special grease. Pot magnets GN 58 are a non-shielded magnetic system. The tube and the shank are interlocked and the mounting screws are covered.

Industrial and Bearing Supplies | ELESA + GANTER

Even better results may be obtained by hot assembly: Legislation and standardization Research and Innovation.

E2-N wheel may be mounted eless different kind of trolleys, with medium-light loads; it is also suitable for outdoor use. When remachining the hole of a built-in metal boss, always avoid operating as shown in Fig.


Suggested matching hole in H7 tolerance. A retrofit is possible. T he mechanical properties of a moulded plastic component may vary significantly according to its shape and the technological level of the manufacturing process.

As to the aesthetic appearance of samples exposed to the action of the UV rays, in some cases a slight variation in the surface appearance of the product was found, on completion of the tests. Accetto le condizioni della privacy. GN thrust pads are used to transmit clamping forces by means of grub screws type GN Black-oxide steel with threaded hole and toothed element for coupling to the lever body, treaded steel retaining screw and return spring.


Special executions on request: The assembly can be performed simply by positioning the connector, forcing it, inside the profile, with no need of screws or other fasteners. On request and for sufficient quantity, studs with different kinds of ends may be provided. This enables the threads of the nut screw to adapt slightly to the screw, when tightening at ambient temperature, thus creating a coupling with an elastic reaction that gives an effective locking effect.

To order the handwheel with keyway complete code and description with the index -K. Glass-fibre reinforced polyamide based PA technopolymer, black colour, matte finish. O ver the past few years, the national and international regulatory authorities have actalogue down a series of regulations for the control of substances that are harmful to man or the environment and for the environment safety management in the industrial field.