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How honest soever they may be, they cannot forget that they belong to the rich and powerful, or to those, less fortunate, who are still on the look-out for preferment and honor. Part of the Politics series on. Recluss to Kirkpatrick Sale: Privilege, not right, is the converse of duty.

Élisée Reclus

We Anarchists are not the only ones to say it: Thus the English are scandalized — and rightly so — by the French fashion of examining prisoners, those sacred beings who are in strict probity ought to be held innocent until they are proven guilty; while the French are disgusted, and not without reason, to see English justice, through the English Government, publicly encourage treachery by offers of impunity and money to the betrayer, thereby deepening the degradation of the debased and provoking acts of shameful meanness which children in their schools, more moral than their elders, regard with unfeigned horror.

They think they have found in a past, restored after modern ideas, conditions of social justice which will establish for ever the brotherhood of man.

I imagined that these words, repeated millions of times, were a cry of human brotherhood, and that each, in uttering them, thought of all. The virtues are transformed; brotherly frankness is destroyed; independence becomes a crime; above is either pitying condescension or haughty contempt, below either envious admiration or hidden hate.

It is invoked but rarely to regulate the relations between the poor and the rich, the powerful and the weak. Here is the fighting ground, and we remain in the ranks, ready to give our help wherever it may be most needed.


An Anarchist on Anarchy

The impressions of my childhood surge back into my mind. Types of federation Affinity group Synthesis anarchism Platformism.

Pending the great work reclks the coming time, and to the end that this work may be accomplished, it behooves us to utilize every opportunity for rede and deed. It is to live in conditions of equality and escape from the falsehoods and hypocrisies of a society of superiors and inferiors, that so many men and women have formed themselves into close corporations and little worlds apart.

He was the second son of a Protestant pastor and his wife.

His geographical work, thoroughly researched and unflinchingly scientific, laid out a picture of human-nature interaction that we today would call bioregionalism. On the other hand, how often are we enabled to disregard their behest and act on our own free will?

It seems less than impious to rebel against the cycle of violence and repression which comes to us hallowed by the sanction of ages.

Can charity, as assert many recls souls — who are answered in chorus by a crowd of egoists — can charity by any possibility deal with so vast an evil?

Élisée Reclus – Viquipèdia, l’enciclopèdia lliure

What boots it to those who truly love humanity and desire the happiness of all that the slave becomes master, that the master is reduced to servitude, that the whip changes hands, and that money passes from one pocket to another? Tooth for a tooth! It is only too true: Overwhelmed with opprobrium and held up with hatred, we are treated on the principle that the surest way of hanging a dog is to give it a bad name.

Friendship is the daughter of equality; it is never born of inequality. Industrial appliances, that by a single electric impulse make the same thought vibrate through five continents, have distanced by far our social morals, which are yet in many regards the outcome of reciprocally hostile interests. But these depositaries of power who are charged, whether by right divine or universal suffrage, with the august mission of dispensing justice, can they be considered as in any way more infallible, or even impartial?

To risk the loss of so precious an advantage as popular sympathy without first patiently searching out the truth and carefully considering our duty would be an act of reckless folly. Through the education of our children we may to some extent fashion the future. The time-honored words of Mahabarata are as true as ever: Listen to the words, uttered nearly three thousand years ago, of old Hesiod, answering beforehand all those who contend that the struggle for existence dooms us to eternal strife.


What have we done with these ten million human beings killed before their time? In accordance with these beliefs and the practice of union libre “free unions”which was common among working-class French in the mid-to-late s [3]Reclus allowed his two daughters to “marry” their male partners without any civil or religious ceremonies, an action causing embarrassment to many of his well-wishers.

And those who will lead us back to the Middle Ages, are they not also socialists? It showed, with more detail than anyone but a dedicated geographer could possibly absorb, how the ecology of a place determined the kinds of elisei and livelihoods its denizens would have and thus how people could properly live in self-regarding reclu self-determined bioregions without the interference of large and centralized governments that always try to homogenize diverse geographical areas.

His principal objection to clothing was, however, a moral one; he felt that a fixation with clothing caused excessive focus on what was covered. It is the nature of things that they should be.

Even in times of partial dearth the granaries and warehouses have but to open their doors that every one may have a sufficient share. Insurrectionary anarchism Platformism Synthesis federations. Even though his undertakings were only a chimera, he knows nothing more beautiful and sweet than the desire to act rightly and do good; in comparison with this vulgar realties are for him but shadows, the apparitions of an instant.

He also argued that rec,us an aesthetic point of view, nudity was better: By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. He was a vegetarian.